Help make your community better for biking

  • Automatically log all your rides
  • Improve infrastructure by rating your local streets
  • The more you ride the more prizes you could win!
Love to Ride app previews
Dan C profile photo

Dan C

The ability to rate my routes and knowing that every ride I make improves cycling for others is what motivates me to use the app.

Madeleine R profile photo

Madeleine R

I like logging my rides and helping to improve infrastructure in my local area!

Vinay profile photo


No need to turn any app on. The Love to Ride app will automatically save the cycle ride you did.

Rob W profile photo

Rob W

I’ve been using the Love to Ride app for four years and wouldn’t be without it. It’s a great way to communicate with riders from all over the world.

Banks profile photo


I love how the app shows me how much CO2 I'm saving! I enjoy seeing how well others are doing as we all climb the leaderboards!

P morgan profile photo

P Morgan

As someone who pootles about, this app is useful for recording activity. It’s nice seeing how much carbon has been saved and fun participating in competitions!

SHAZZER profile photo


I love the Love to Ride app as I love seeing how many miles and trips I can actually clock up.

PAUL B profile photo


I like the app because it's easy to use, and it's great to see how my fellow cycling friends and work colleagues are doing.

Robin F profile photo

Robin F

The app is a handy way to log my rides. It is well put together and I like it.

Emmanuel A profile photo

Emmanuel A

I use the app to track my cycling or mtb rides!

Bob R profile photo

Bob R

I've loved cycling since I was 7. I'm now 74 + I save $240 weekly on fuel with my E-bike. The app tracks my rides and distances. For me, it's a personal journey.

Marie A profile photo

Marie A

I like the challenges that love to ride posts and its good that there are lots of work teams involved in the challenges.

Bill Z profile photo

Bill Z

The Love to Ride app excels at logging my bicycling, automatically recording rides via my cellphone—it recognizes when I start a ride without any action on my part.

Antony P profile photo

Antony P

It's great for recording your rides & the opportunity to win prices gives a good encouragement to ride more.

Willcox profile photo


Works a treat on the iphone!

Lee K profile photo

Lee K

It helps me monitor my routes and the paths I take.

Rich profile photo


I love the Love To Ride App, it’s simple to use, gives awesome rewards and provides a great platform to motivate yourself, friends, and colleagues. What’s not to love!

Simon C profile photo

Simon C

A brilliant easy to use app that syncs with Strava and where you can see great photos from other cyclists.

John Mc profile photo

John Mc

Great for logging miles and trips as well as meeting people with similar interests.

Marieke L profile photo

Marieke L

I enjoy this app for keeping track of my cycling activity in Seattle. I am enjoying the new feature to add a ride directly within the app as well. Keep up the great work!

Emma H profile photo

Emma H

I find the app a huge benefit with heatmaps + auto-logging. It automatically tracks my rides! I've cancelled my Strava subscription due to the app!

Phil C profile photo

Phil C

The app automatically keeps a record of days, Kms & trips. It helps push me to commute...especially on those rainy cold mornings that I need a bit of a push!

Theresa B profile photo

Theresa B

I enjoy the app as I feel I'm competing with it. It encourages me to get out on the bike instead of the car or bus.

Nige H profile photo

Nige H

Beyond middle age I needed motivation to exercise. I found the Love to Ride app and “wow, a game changer”. The community spirit means a lot! Helped me find my mojo!

Log rides automatically

The Love to Ride app can automatically log all bike rides, long and short, without you needing to press 'start' and 'stop.' If it determines you're riding a bike, the app kicks in and records your ride.

There's no need to pull your phone out of your pocket before or after a ride!

Log rides automatically, bike and phone

Rate My Routes

You can now give feedback on how safe and comfortable you feel when riding your bike on different streets in your community.

You simply 'paint' your routes with your finger. For example, red for where you feel unsafe and green for where you feel safe.

Your anonymous feedback is combined with everyone else’s on a map to show which parts of your community are in greatest need of improvement for biking.

Rate My Routes, point at map

Win prizes year-round

With our seasonal campaigns and monthly app giveaways, you could win big when you ride.

Each year we award big prizes to hundreds of riders. You could win new bikes, bike accessories, dream getaways, cash prizes, and more!

Win prizes year-round

Make every bike ride count with the Love to Ride app

Travel diary

See your travel diary

Keep an eye on how you travel - soon you’ll also be able to tell your travel trends too (you’re biking 19% more than last week)

Graphic of a flame

View your personal heatmap

A glowing trail of the routes you've ridden. Ride all the streets in your local area and leave a 'glow' as you go!


Chase streaks

Streaks can keep you motivated to ride, there’s no better feeling than crossing off your tenth consecutive week of rides

Challenge registration

Register for challenges

Find out about new challenges and register for them within the app - soon you’ll also be able to track your points and see leaderboards