Cycling Superpower I: See the Future

Use your observations to make predictions and plan ahead

Cycling Super Power II: Scanning

Looking behind you means you can control traffic around you

Basic Bike Handling I: Start, Stop and Turn

Master the basics to begin and end your journey.

Basic Bike Handling II: Riding One-handed

Learn how to control your bike with one hand

Basic Bike Handling III: Shifting

Understand gears and how to use them effectively

The benefits of bicycling

What's so great about riding? Find out here!

How to lock your bike securely

The low-down on locking up

Riding on the road: what you need to know

Learn how to safely and confidently cycle on the road

Riding to work: What you need to know

Easy steps to commute like a pro

ABC Quick Check

This course shows you how to make sure your bike is roadworthy and ready to ride

Riding in the rain: what you need to know

Learn the skills and kit you need to ride in the rain

Tips for Cold Weather Riding

Learn how to enjoy biking, even when it’s cold outside!

Helmet Fit: The Two V One Rule

Make sure your helmet is fitted correctly

How to take a newbie for a ride

Be the Best Bike Buddy you can be

Know your infrastructure?

You think you know your bike friendly infrastructure? Time to put that knowledge to the test! We’ve gathered some of our favourite and inspirational examples from around the globe. Can you guess where they are?

What’s that Bike?

It's a simple guess the bike quiz, with three answers to pick from, when you get the answer right, it will give some info on the type of bike and what it's good for!