San Diego County Prizes

Thanks for taking part in Bike Month 2021!



Encourager Month winners: 

Blanca H & Nellie B

Gordy Shields 2-Week Challenge (April 20-May 2)

Photo Challenge Winners: Roger L, Steve M, Jimmy L

New Rider/Regular Ride Week (May 2-8)

New Rider Pack: Terri S

55+ Registrant: Christine R 

Flore Velo Winners: Jane S, Emma G, Allyn O, Whitney S, Jazmin W, Naomi L, Grace B, Julia S, Patti C

Cinco de Mayo Challenge: Amanda B

Regular Rider Week NBB Winners: Honey B, Liz A, Bernie P

Family Week  (May 9-15)

Mother's Day Challenge: Karl A

Story Winner: Sengmany T

Photo Winner: Sara C

Youth Rider: Kaelem W

SANDAG Bike Anywhere Week (May 16-22)

Ride Winners: Matt M, Barbara D, Jim S, Michele J, Arwen J, Eve M, Stephen D, Gabriel S, Lyn P, Joe K, Denise L, Diana G, Xanthe B, Sedonia W, Tom w, Julio G, Stephen S

Workplace Challenge Winner: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Champion Susan P

WTF Week (May 23-May 29)

May 23rd: Steve B
May 24th: Sophie E
May 25th: Johnny W
May 26th: Marjorie S
May 27th
Philip L
May 28th: Annapurna P
May 29th: William D

30/30 Challenge (May 30th)

30 Miles winner: Tim S

30 Days winners: Monique M, Andrea S, Scott C

World Bike Day Challenge

June 3rd, 2021

  • Log a ride on June 3rd for your chance to win a nice pair of bike lights, an insulated water bottle from Trek and one of a kind SDCBC Bike Month t-shirt!

Congratulations to: Benjamin R

World Bike Day

San Diego County, CA All time stats

  • 181 Workplaces
  • 2,490 People
  • 381 New riders
  • 2,569,220 Miles
  • 145,836 Rides
  • 155,314 lbs CO2
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