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Blind Stokers Club

A tandem cycling club for the visually impaired. A captain sits in the front (sighted leader) steering, shifting, and calling out moves and the stoker (visually impaired) is on the back being the main muscle to pedal the bike. JOIN HERE or FOR MORE INFO:

Our Goal: No Goal Set Yet!

Top Riders (Most Miles)

Top Riders (Most Rides)

Top Riders (Most Days Ridden)

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Club / Group Members

Name Trips Miles
Andrea Zelones 442 5,062
Jeff Gemar 94 3,589
Paul Dickstein 77 2,232
Diana Rose 4 47
Ben Willetts 3 63
Bob Oostra 3 56
Joy Oostra 2 8.5
Stephen Stewart 0 0

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San Diego County Registrations 2021

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  • 240 People

San Diego County, CA All time stats

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  • 1,500 People
  • 207 New riders
  • 1,483,142 Miles
  • 84,705 Rides
  • 105,101 lbs CO2