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Winter Wheelers

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Email/Intranet copy:

Subject: Get in Gear for Winter Wheelers

Cycling can make you happier, healthier and wealthier and it makes our communities cleaner, greener and more liveable. With the right gear and guidance, riding in winter can be just as much fun and even more rewarding, so we’re inviting everyone to sign up for Winter Wheelers.

It’s a cycling advent calendar for grown-ups with daily giveaways of winter cycling gear from leading brands. It only takes 30 seconds to register at lovetoride.net

We can win amazing prizes, including: 

  • the best hi-viz cycling clothing there is from Proviz
  • all-weather gloves that promote positive communication between road users from Loffi
  • Beryl Laserlights that let drivers know you’re there by projecting a bike onto the road
  • An e-bike on Christmas Day! Everyone who logs a ride 1-24 December will enter the draw

 Sign up now at: lovetoride.net

Suggested social media posts


  • You can win prizes every day in December just for riding a bike. Find out more and register in one minute here lovetoride.net #WinterWheelers
  • Log your rides between December 1-25 to join @lovetoride.net’s celebration of winter riding & enter their daily prize draws lovetoride.net
  • It's that time of the year again! Make sure you have lights for riding in the dark & don't forget to log your rides for Winter Wheelers lovetoride.net ❄️🚲
  • Winter Wheelers is @lovetoride.net’s cycling advent calendar for grown-ups. Log your rides in December to go into daily draws for fantastic winter cycling gear. It takes one minute to register at lovetoride.net
  • Winter Wheelers is back! There are daily giveaways in December of great winter cycling gear from @provizsports, @BerylBikes and @loffi.cc lovetoride.net ❄️🚲


  • Win gear from @ProvizSports @BerylBikes & @loffi_cc
    Register for #WinterWheelers with @LovetoRide_ today! lovetoride.net 
  • #WinterWheelers is coming! Get ready by:
    1. joining at lovetoride.net
    2. making sure your 🚲 is ready
    3. checking out these tips: lovetoride.net/usa/pages/tips_winter
    4. following @LovetoRide_ to see if you win prizes from @ProvizSports @BerylBikes & @loffi_cc 🚲☃️💚
  • Join @LovetoRide_ to get more people #cycling
    There are #WinterWheelers prizes every day in December! lovetoride.net

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Winter Wheelers USA

December 1st - 25th

Ends in 22 days!

To register:

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Winter Wheelers USA stats

  • 19 Organizations
  • 3,211 Participants
  • 45 New riders
  • 72,501 Miles
  • 5,047 Trips
  • 3,096 lbs CO2

Oregon All time stats

  • 1,602 Organizations
  • 37,004 People
  • 9,461 New riders
  • 20,966,474 Miles
  • 2,464,673 Rides
  • 6,057,900 lbs CO2
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