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Below are some frequently asked questions from Team Captains. Click here for more ideas on how to motivate your team!

Successfully getting more people cycling 

The Bike More Challenge is a program to thank those who ride all year and to get more people cycling. It is based on a proven model that has engaged over 135,000 people, with significant long-term increases in bicycling. Our success would not be possible without Captains such as yourselves who help us to spread the word and encourage as many colleagues as possible to join in. 

What am I expected to do exactly? 

Your role is to work with other folks in your workplace to promote the Bike More Challenge and to spread the word. Your main focus will be to encourage your colleagues to join your team and help engage other riders. You can send them inspirational messages, remind them to record their rides, and motivate them to keep riding. Your goal is to get as many workmates as possible to register, ride, and record their rides - that's the key to team victory, and the key to earning individual points as well! 

Why me? 

You have now been automatically selected as the Team Captain (or 'Champion') for the organization or department you registered. If you do not wish to be a Captain or know someone who would be better suited, please let us know at! 

Why are we doing this? 

We want to get more people cycling and more often, whether that be for fun, exercise or to work. Imagine if more people rode bikes - the air would be cleaner, our neighborhoods would be more peaceful, and we’d have communities full of smiling, happy, healthy people! 

Your unique access 

As a Captain, you have access to additional functions on this website. You can upload your organization’s logo, delete team members, and edit your organization’s details.

How does the website work?

Take a tour and check out new features in this short video. Have questions? Email us!

Who should I count in my staff number?

To make it as fair as possible, organizations and departments can only compete with organizations/departments that are of a similar size to them, so it’s essential that the staff numbers we have are correct.

Please count everyone who is employed by your work (paid or unpaid) during the Challenge period. The Challenge is specifically for you and your colleagues and therefore doesn’t include students or pupils where they may exist (though of course students can sign up wherever they work!).

You can only exclude colleagues who are on maternity leave, long-term sick leave, sabbatical, other long term leave, or based outside of the state of Oregon for the full duration of the Challenge period.

How do I change staff numbers for my organization/department?

Go to your organization’s page, click ‘Settings’, change, click ‘Update’.

How do I confirm staff numbers for my organization/department?

Go to your organization’s page, click ‘Settings’, tick the box for "I, as Challenge Champion, have checked with the relevant person in HR and can confirm that the above number of staff is correct".

For any other questions - see the general FAQ or contact us.

How do encouragement points get awarded?

Encouragement points will be awarded once someone logs a ride in the Challenge. If they sign up and log a trip in April, they will be asked if someone encouraged them to ride. If they reply yes, their encourager and team will be awarded points when that rider logs their first trip in May.

Note: each participant will only be asked if they were encouraged to ride the first time they log a trip.

Thanks for your help in getting more people cycling!

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge

September 1st - 30th

Starts in 46 days!


Oregon Registrations

  • 40 Organizations
  • 2,135 People

Oregon All time stats

  • 1,573 Organizations
  • 39,180 People
  • 10,028 New riders
  • 17,971,924 Miles
  • 2,310,100 Rides
  • 6,194,295 lbs CO2
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