Knowledge is power!

That’s why we’ve put together some great resources to make you a smarter, stronger, and more confident bicyclist. You can find tips on basic repairs, gearing up, picking a route, and all sorts of other stuff. So what are you waiting for - start your quest for inner peace and enlightenment right here with our Brilliant Bicyclist Tips:

Check out these short videos brought to you by the Pedal Powered Talk Show for some great tips so you can #bikemore all Challenge long!

Bike Maintenance and Skills Classes

You can also brush up your bike riding and maintenance skills at our commute workshops (see below) or in classes at your local bike shops and organizations (including The Bike Gallery, River City Bicycles, and Women Bike Events in Portland, and GEARS in Eugene)

Commuting and legal workshops

The Street Trust regularly leads public bike Commute Clinics around the Metro-region (and sometimes the state), and hosts bike legal clinics at our Portland office and Portland area REI locations. Check out the Bike More Challenge events page to attend an upcoming clinic. You can learn more about our clinics here.

Want to host a Commute Clinic at your workplace? Submit a Commute Clinic Request.

Accessing transit with your bike

All of the transit services listed below accommodate bikes. Visit these agencies' websites or contact them to find out how you can make your commute by bike and transit. A bike and transit trip counts as a bike commute in the Bike Commute Challenge (though the mileage you record should be the distance you biked.)

Portland metro area: TriMet

Clark County: C-TRAN

Wilsonville: SMART

Sandy area: SAM

Albany: Albany Transit System

Corvallis: Corvallis Transit System

Salem/Keizer: Cherriots

Eugene/Springfield: Lane Transit District

Rogue Valley: RVTD

Bend: CET

Is this section missing something? Let us know.

Bike maps and Route Planning

Google maps features biking directions in addition to driving, transit and walking directions.

To find a bike map for your area, visit ODOT's map index page.

Cycle September 2020

September 1st - 30th

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Cycle September 2020 stats

  • 772 Organizations
  • 16,464 Participants
  • 1,206 New riders
  • 2,441,297 Miles
  • 143,818 Trips
  • 41,770 lbs CO2

Oregon All time stats

  • 1,601 Organizations
  • 36,977 People
  • 9,459 New riders
  • 20,660,687 Miles
  • 2,446,367 Rides
  • 6,048,222 lbs CO2
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