How many colleagues can you get to cycle during the month of May?

Is your organization/department ready for the start of the Bike Month Workplace Challenge? Here's a checklist:

Have you got all existing cyclists signed up?

It's all about getting involved so make sure anybody who already cycles is registered.

Have you downloaded your promotional pack?

Promotional material will be available for download here, then you can distribute them electronically or by printing and posting them around the office!

Are all departments registered?

Make sure all departments are registered and see if you can create some 'friendly' inter-department rivalry and get departments competing against each other. Can the finance team beat the HR team?

What bikes could you use?

Do you have any office pool bikes you could use or could you get the regular cyclists to help out and bring in a bike others could use? Is there a bike hire shop nearby that could cut you a deal? Use our Bike Shop Finder to find out!

Can additional prizes be provided?

In addition to the prizes on offer through the event, can some company prizes be offered to help motivate staff? Perhaps a Friday social for everyone who takes part, a prize for the person who logs the most trips or the best learner cycler?

Cycle September USA

September 1st - 30th

Ends in 14 days!


Oregon Registrations 2019

  • 29 Organizations
  • 5,150 People

Cycle September USA

  • 26 Organizations
  • 3,132 Participants
  • 183 New riders
  • 237,584 Miles
  • 24,197 Trips
  • 53,213 lbs CO2

Oregon All time stats

  • 1,598 Organizations
  • 39,413 People
  • 10,001 New riders
  • 19,065,359 Miles
  • 2,422,659 Rides
  • 6,398,715 lbs CO2
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