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Walmart Inc.

Our Goal: cycle 25000 miles by 30th September 2021
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Bob DeCamp Not Signed-up yet 3186 59,123
Jim Hancock Sams Club Not Signed-up yet 1261 7,160
Karl Shibayama LCDD Not Signed-up yet 1260 5,305
Lisa McCool Merchandising Operations Not Signed-up yet 898 6,881
Will Frank Not Signed-up yet 671 20,462
Mike Hancock Not Signed-up yet 571 12,248
Maria Zazycki Not Signed-up yet 552 3,345
Cj Neff Not Signed-up yet 456 8,308
Roy Smith Sams Club Not Signed-up yet 451 16,704
Jedidiah Abrams Global Governance Not Signed-up yet 420 1,918

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NW Arkansas All time stats

  • 171 Workplaces
  • 3,395 People
  • 563 New riders
  • 3,494,683 Miles
  • 217,091 Rides
  • 109,896 lbs CO2
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