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Workplace Giving

Oeps! Het lijkt er op dat Workplace Giving geen Love to Ride Business abonnement heeft.

Laten we nog meer collega's op de fiets krijgen!

We'd love to work with you and your colleagues at Workplace Giving to get more of your colleagues enjoying all of the benefits that riding a bike brings.

Zoals je al weet brengt fietsen ontzettend veel voordelen met zicht mee, zoals:

  • Gezondere, gelukkigere collega's
  • Fewer sick days (and reduced cost of absenteeism)
  • Lagere stresslevels
  • Verhoogde energie en productiviteit
  • Lagere parkeerkosten
  • Zowel collega's als de organisatie besparen geld!
  • Bijdragen aan duurzaamheid

We can provide you with a Love to Ride for Business profile and program for your organization.  You will get a host of benefits from all kinds of stats and data, internal leaderboards (top offices, top departments, top commuters, top riders, top encouragers), premium monthly prizes for you and your colleagues, ability to message your team, access to our easy to run (and fun!) campaigns and challenges, and more!

Naturally, to cover our team's time to support you and your organization to ride more, we need to cover our costs so that we can make encouraging more people to ride financially sustainable. We've worked hard over the last 10 years to develop a high-impact, low-cost program, so that budget doesn't need to be a barrier to you and your colleague's participation.