Cycling facilities come in a wide range of shapes and styles, from shared-use paths and trails to on-road infrastructure like bike lanes. In Madison, riders can access a number of multi-use paths as well as an ever-expanding network of on-road bike facilities for getting to and around the city - in total, there are over 400 miles of bike lanes and paths to ride on in the city! If you're unsure of how to navigate Madison's streets and trails, check out Madison's bike trip planner or consult Google Maps' bicycle route feature. If you prefer a map you can print out, Madison has a handy pdf bicycle map here as well. And you can always ask a friend who rides a bike (or contact us!) for guidance as well!

This mix of facility types in the area affords excellent cycling opportunities for all experience levels and trip types, whether you are commuting to work, running to the store, hitting the town on the weekend, or getting some exercise and fresh air.


With 186 miles of off-street bicycle paths at your fingertips, there are plenty of places for a cycling novice to ride in Madison!

Many of the businesses you already visit may participate in the Bicycle Benefits program. For only $5 you can take advantage of discounts these businesses offer to bicyclists. Just show up on your bike, present your Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker, and get rewarded with discounts and other incentives. Get more information on how the program works here or get a pocket list of Madison Bike Benefits supporters here.

Grab a map from Bikabout.com and experience your city’s food and culture scene with these bike routes curated by locals.


Madison is home to 350 BCycle bike share bikes across 39 stations, and you can check out a BCycle bike for only $3 every 30 minutes! That means it's a great way to get on a bike and log a few rides (and of course earn some prizes)!

If you are interested in renting a bicycle to get out and experience some of Madison's great bicycle trails and facilities for a longer amount of time (or you want a specific kind of bike), check out one of the following bike shops for rates and availability:

Budget Bicycles

Machinery Row Bicycles

Erik's Downtown

Trail This


There are many rides put on by various organizations and bike shops throughout the year. These rides run the gamut in terms of difficulty (beginner to advanced) and geography (city center to the outer areas of the region). You can check out some of these rides and join up with groups through the Wisconsin Bike Fed and Ride On Wisconsin.

Share your favorite bike ride, food, art, parks and more by curating a route for Bikabout.com.


Bike Madison

Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (A Metropolitan Planning Organization)

Wisconsin Bike Fed


Winter Wheelers 2019 stats

  • 8,966 Participants
  • 224 New riders
  • 1,009,753 Miles
  • 72,775 Trips
  • 149,590 lbs CO2

Madison All time stats

  • 157 Organizations
  • 2,328 People
  • 387 New riders
  • 1,495,493 Miles
  • 149,470 Rides
  • 309,070 lbs CO2
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