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Ride to Work Anywhere Week

At Love to Ride we fully support the UK Government’s latest advice and the need to stay at home to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Everyone who is able to is advised to take one form of outdoor exercise every day, to keep them healthy in mind and body. Only essential travel is now permitted, either to/from work for key workers or to pick up food or medical supplies.

We encourage you to #ChooseCycling as your main mode for essential travel and as a fun, enjoyable form of daily exercise. 

Riding a bike has so many benefits for our physical and mental health. It helps combat stress and anxiety, releases loads of happy chemicals and strengthens our immune systems.

#ChooseCycling. Read CyclingUK’s latest advice on how to keep safe riding, set a goal for the next few weeks and share your stories about how you’re keeping active.

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Event status

Now complete!

Lancashire Registrations 2020

  • 635 People

Ride Anywhere Week 2020

  • 307 Participants
  • 10 New riders
  • 16,173 Miles
  • 971 Trips
  • 3,070 lbs CO2

Lancashire all time stats

  • 301 Organisations
  • 6,803 People
  • 2,304 New riders
  • 3,701,145 Miles
  • 248,933 Rides
  • 753,968 lbs CO2


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