At Love to Ride we have one simple mission, to get more people riding bikes!

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It started out way back when Thomas, our CEO, ran a biking challenge in New Zealand as his summer job. He realized it was a great way to encourage more people, worldwide, to fall in love with all the benefits of riding a bike. After bikeloads of research, and gradually building the best team, we now work with municipalities and businesses around the world.

How does it work?

Riding your bike for fun, transportation, taking the kids to school, to the store, getting fitter, showing your pet cat the sights…whatever your reason(s) we’re here to make it simple.

Riding a bike is not always ‘as easy as riding a bike’ and the things that make it difficult are not the same for everyone. We make sure we understand your motivations and barriers to biking. That way, we can send you the most helpful information to make it easier and more fun for you to ride, or ride more often.

Four images of happy bicyclists.

In addition, your Love to Ride account gives you access to lots of free tools to help you saddle up and enjoy the ride.

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Here's a sample of some of the campaigns we're running this year.

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Our spring campaign to help you get your bike out of hibernation and back in action. We'll email you to provide guidance on how to complete three simple steps to ride more and win big prizes!

May - The Bike Month Challenge

A month-long workplace challenge. Just one ride will earn you the chance to win prizes and will move your workplace higher up the leaderboard in this friendly competition.

September - Cycle September

Our global workplace challenge! Get your workplace wheeling in September, see how you stack up against other businesses of a similar size, and win prizes for riding and encouraging others to join you.

December - Winter Wheelers

Make winter riding a breeze! We created a challenge to give you all the tips, tricks, and advice to brave the weather and become an all-season rider.

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The Bike Month Challenge 2023

  • 148 Workplaces
  • 1,128 Riders
  • 105 New riders
  • 191,303 Miles
  • 11,583 Trips
  • 16,072 lb CO2

Lancashire All time stats

  • 446 Workplaces
  • 10,185 People
  • 3,309 New riders
  • 8,396,114 Miles
  • 536,420 Rides
  • 1,032,002 lb CO2
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