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Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Our Goal: cycle 4000 miles by 30th September 2021
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Top Riders (Most Rides)

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Ste Ormerod Wigan Office Not Signed-up yet 1166 4,027
Andy Rowett Lancashire Environment Fund Not Signed-up yet 802 8,866
Rebecca Witcombe Myplace Not Signed-up yet 792 7,747
Philip Reddell Conservation Not Signed-up yet 609 8,234
Daveen Wallis volunteering Not Signed-up yet 522 8,542
Rhoda Wilkinson Myplace Not Signed-up yet 403 2,329
Jenny Reddell Myplace Not Signed-up yet 308 3,170
Reuben Neville Not Signed-up yet 217 5,033
John Haddon Conservation Not Signed-up yet 112 1,000
Jeff Thompson Marketing Not Signed-up yet 101 383

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Lancashire All time stats

  • 354 Workplaces
  • 7,866 People
  • 2,657 New riders
  • 5,933,234 Miles
  • 374,977 Rides
  • 789,903 lbs CO2
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