WHO TO BEAT....last year's top rankings

2019 Team Rankings

Points from Daily Riding, Miles Ridden and People Encouraged to ride, divided by number of riders on team:

2019 Individual Rankings: Days Riding and Miles

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2018 Humboldt Bike Challenge Winners:


Top Miles: Wayne Wilson & Katherine Bettis 

Top in Trips: Danielle Felsenthal

Top Commuter: Dustin Helliwell

Winning Team:

    Team Derailed 
2018 Bikers-Up Winners: (instead of runners-up)

Team Champion for the Winning Team: Zeke Smith for Team Derailed

Top Bike Commuters in days

2nd place—Luis Moroney (24 days rode to work) 

3rd place—Matt Runyan (23 days rode to work)

Top number of trips:

2nd place—Brian H. Rantz (102)

3rd place—Brian Draeger (100)

TOP NEW RIDERS! For Biking to Work and from A to B (non-recreational trips)

1st place—Lori Taketa (65 trips, 83 miles)

2nd place—Mark Jacobo (35 trips, 86 miles)

3rd place—Jed Rudd (12 trips, 84 miles)

4th place—Lexie Fishcer (9 trips, 57.6 miles)

5th place—Jennifer Savage (9 trips, 34.7 miles)

6th place—KJ Day (5 trips, 21.6 miles)

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Humboldt County All time stats

  • 38 Organizations
  • 451 People
  • 106 New riders
  • 442,506 Miles
  • 36,046 Rides
  • 57,735 lbs CO2
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