We'll ride this out. 

The Humboldt Bike Challenge is a fun, free, community-building, friendly competition for everyone in Humboldt county. You are invited to ride a bike anywhere, anytime, and gain points as an individual, or join/create a team. Ride your bike, log the miles, gain points, climb leaderboards, earn badges, and win prizes!


Ride! Log your miles! Post photos and track how fellow riders are doing. We will still compete, and we will still encourage and support our friends, family, and co-workers to ride. Because we won't be having any events in May.    


Our second Bike Challenge will happen for the month of September. We're hoping that by September we'll be able to pull out all the stops. We'll ride together!  We'll socialize outside of our homes!  We'll have events. And prizes!  We'll all be buffed because we will have ridden since the May Bike Challenge!

Bike Challenge 2020 rules & rigmarole

Learn all about the 2020 edition here.    

How to take part

  • Register on this website, it's free.
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime between May 1 and 31.  Riding a stationary bike while sheltering in place COUNTS this year.
  • Record your rides here and tell your friends and coworkers about the Challenge

Win prizes

Free prizes, just for riding your bike? Yes please! Check out the prizes offered by the National Bike Challenge here. {Bike Month Humboldt will have prizes for Humboldt's September Bike Challenge}

Who’s running the Challenge

The Bike Month Humboldt Coalition is partnering with Love to Ride and the League of American Bicyclists to bring the 2020 Bike Challenges. 

Got more questions?

FAQs - National Bike Challenge

Cycle September 2020

September 1st - 30th

Starts in 47 days!

To register:

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Humboldt County All time stats

  • 38 Organizations
  • 445 People
  • 105 New riders
  • 428,078 Miles
  • 35,028 Rides
  • 57,288 lbs CO2
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