What is it?

The Humboldt Bike Challenge is a fun, free community event that runs May 1st through 31st throughout Humboldt county. You are invited to ride a bike anywhere, anytime, and gain points as an individual, or join/create a team. Ride your bike, log the miles, gain points, climb leaderboards, earn badges, and win prizes! Last year we achieved a 30,000 mile goal for biking in Humboldt in May. This year we are hoping for 35,000 miles. With your help, we can do this!

This year the Humboldt Bike Challenge is encouraging workplaces to take part by having a points-driven challenge where workplaces compete against other workplaces in their size category.

How to Earn Points in the Workplace Challenge

You earn points in the workplace challenge by:

  • Riding; and
  • Encouraging others to ride.

Every day you ride you earn 10 points PLUS 1 point for each mile ridden. You can also gain points for encouraging new riders to join the Humboldt Bike Challenge. Here’s a table to break it down:

Individual and Team Challenges

The Individual and Team challenges are also running this year.

Individual rankings:

Individuals can see how they stack up against other riders in trips, commutes and miles ridden. There is also a leaderboard for the number of people encouraged to ride by an individual. See individual rankings here.

Team rankings:

Teams can be any size this year! At the end of the challenge they will be ranked according to points from miles ridden and points attained from daily riding of each member, and the encourager points.  The winner of the team challenge will be the one with the highest number of points from all areas.  Want to know how your team is doing? See team leaderboards here. At the end of the challenge we will post the final results tally and declare the winning team!


You can use one of the following apps: Ride Report, Strava, Map My Ride, Love to Ride app. Register or login to connect an app.

More on apps here.

You can also log your rides manually. This is quick to do on your profile on the Love to Ride website.    


Follow these four steps:

  • Register on this website, it's free.
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime between May 1st and 31st.
  • Record your rides here and tell your friends and coworkers about the Challenge
  • Reward yourself and your friends by winning prizes!

Win Prizes!

Free prizes, just for riding your bike? Yes please! Check out the prizes offered by the National Bike Challenge here

Who’s running the Challenge

The Bike Month Humboldt Coalition is partnering with Love to Ride and the League of American Bicyclists to bring you this exciting 2019 Bike Challenge. 

Got More Questions?

FAQs - National Bike Challenge


Winter Wheelers 2019

  • 64 Participants
  • 1 New riders
  • 6,302 Miles
  • 500 Trips
  • 978 lbs CO2

Humboldt County All time stats

  • 37 Organizations
  • 392 People
  • 93 New riders
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