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May is Bike Month!

Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to ride and earn points! Compete with other workplaces in the Bike Challenge, and set an achievable goal for yourself. Maybe it's burning off 10 tacos with 2 bike rides per week, or you want to go big and hit 50 miles this month. Riding a bike helps us stay mentally and physically healthy. There's never been a better time to try riding for transport, recreation, and everything in between.  Join this supportive community today! Pick up a FREE Bike Month Humboldt Bike Plate at local bike shops, city halls, and the North Coast Co-Op. 

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---Brought to you by the Bike Month Humboldt Coalition---


Humboldt County All time stats

  • 50 Workplaces
  • 543 People
  • 129 New riders
  • 573,771 Miles
  • 45,917 Rides
  • 58,117 lbs CO2
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