Bike Month Challenge Prizes

Log a ride and encourage other people to ride and you could win some great prizes. So saddle up for the Bike Month Challenge this May!

What can I win?

$200 Voucher

Registration Prize: $200 Local Bike Shop Gift Card

How: Sign up for the Bike Month Challenge by May 1 and you will automatically be entered into the prize drawing.

Congratulations to: Erick S at Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Excited dog with text saying 'A Brand New Bike'

📍 Grand Prize: A brand new bike up to the value of $500

How: Points = Entries, keep scoring points during May and each point will count as an entry into the Grand Prize drawing on June 1.

Congratulations to: Lindsay C from Bella Vista

$50 Voucher

🌎 Weekly Trips Prize:  Each week there will be 1 x $50 Local Bike Shop Gift Cards

Riders who are scoring points and encouraging others will be in the drawing. There’s a special drawing each week for new riders who log a ride as well!

Congratulations to: Chris R at City of Fort Wayne, Val G at US-Department of Agriculture-Club, Agnes D from Fort Worth, Darren P from Santa Barbara

$50 Voucher

📍 Weekly Encourager Prize: Each week there will be 1 x $50 Local Bike Shop Gift Cards

How: Encourage someone new to ride and make sure they add you as their encourager during May. Each person you encourage to ride will count as an entry into the weekly drawings

Congratulations to: Kevin S at The University of Arkansas, Stephanie S from Bella Vista, John C at Jacobs Engineering, Stephen R from Tampa

$50 Voucher

📍 Weekly New Rider Prize: Each week there will be 1 x $50 Local Bike Shop Gift Cards

How: All new riders who log a ride will be entered into the weekly drawings

Congratulations to: Michael N at Central Valley Water Board, Lindsey X at Jacobs Engineering, Allison S from Canton, Kevin B from Lakeland



$50 Voucher

📍 Weekly Points Prize: Each week there will be 2 x $50 Local Bike Shop Gift Cards

How: Points = Entries, keep scoring points during May and each point will count as an entry into the weekly drawings

Congratulations to: Kelly E at Dane County, Zeb G at Epicenter Cycling, David L from Tampa, Betsy S at Bellows Spring ES

Vespertine Prizes

Back again for Bike Month, Vespertine is where safety and style collide. Vespertine's Haute Réflecture eco-chic reflective fashion collection is designed to have your back day and night. 

Vespertine Jacket

📍 1 x Reflective Vesper Coat in Red or Black

The Vesper Jacket is a seamless fusion of safety function and timeless style that features 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective thread woven seamlessly into the fabric plus reflective piping on the pockets, cuffs, back panel and hood provide 360º of exceptional nighttime visibility.

How: Encourage someone else to ride during May

Congratulations to: Amy T from Fayetteville

Vespertine coat

🌎 1 x Reflective Mohair Vest - Rainbow Stripe

The lovely Rainbow Stripe Reflective Mohair Vest keeps you visible day and night and makes you happy 24/7

How: Encourage someone else to ride during May

Congratulations to: Eriko L at RCS IU Health

Vespertine laces

🌎 6x Reflective Laces from the Brompton X Vespertine NYC capsule collection

Guaranteed to light up your kicks, these stylish Reflective Laces are a celebration of the city that never sleeps. They are stacked with four lines of 3M reflective thread, that lays low during the day and provides serious reflective powers indirect light (headlights).

How: Log a ride during May and we’ll be giving away a pair a week

Congratulations to:

Patrick D at American Association for Cancer Research
Len M from Aptos
Cody J from Redding
Sarah K at Madison Country Day School
Daniel N from Old Hickory
Thorsten M from New York


Bici By Bar bags

📍 4 x BiciByBar handmade panniers and bike bags

Throughout the Bike Month Challenge we'll be giving away 1 x Bike Pack, 1 x Howard Pannier, 1 x Sports Pannier and 1 x Gaucho Pannier

How: Log a ride during May, we'll give away 1 bag each week

Congratulations to: 

Conlee H at Crafton Tull - Bike Pack
Delona T from Fayetteville - Howard Pannier
Floyd S at Crafton Tull - Sports Pannier
Lynneada M from Redding - Gaucho Pannier


Bici By Bar t-shirt

🌎 2 x BiciByBar t-shirts

We also have 2 fun t-shirts from BiciByBar to put a smile on your face and keep you looking great while you are out on your bike.

How: Log a ride during May to enter the prize drawing

📍 GrüneStrausesse Shellback Bike to Work BackPack

The GrüneStrasse Shellback Bike to Work backpack is water-resistant, durable, stylish, and rugged, and thoughtfully designed for all your one-day work requirements. We have 2 of these fantastic backpacks up for grabs in May.

GrüneStrausesse Shellback Bike

How: Log a ride for transportation purposes on or before Bike to Work Day, May 22

Congratulations to: 

Eric H at Dominican Hospital
Rob C at Tindale Oliver - Tampa

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