Where to Ride in Dunedin


Dunedin is a fantastic city for cycling. Otago Peninsula has twice been named one of the top ten cycling routes in the world by Lonely Planet. It has a network of dedicated cycle lanes and shared pedestrian and cycle paths, as well as many off-road tracks.

Otago Harbour roads and cycleways provide flat riding and tremendous ocean views for commuters and recreational riders. The hills and bays around the city and on the Peninsula provide ample opportunity for riding at all levels of difficulty, against a stunning backdrop of hill, harbour and coastal scenery. A compact layout and a flat run from North East Valley to South Dunedin and St Clair beach, or around the Harbour, make Dunedin easy to get around by bike. Many popular Dunedin attractions are easily accessible via the cycle routes.

For those who like getting off-road, Dunedin also offers plenty of excellent mountain biking for all skill levels and through country ranging from mountains to bush, coastline to inner city off-road tracks.

Link to bike map - https://www.dunedin.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/133529/Dunedin-Cycling-Map-2019.pdf


The SH88 shared path is a great starting place for people new to cycling. People can share a nice wide, flat, asphalt path that links St Leonards with the city.

Alternatively, a great route for new cyclists is from the harbour (Portsmouth Drive) to St Kilda Beach. Ride for 2km on separated cycleways the whole way.





Want to ride but don't have a bike?  Try these locals for some wheels:






A popular cycling loop takes you north of the city, up North Road and Mount Cargill Road to Waitati, looping back to Leith Valley Road from Donalds Hill Road and Waitati Valley Road.

At the end of North Road, you can ride up through Bethunes Gully Mountain Biking area, or above North Road you could enjoy the mountain biking at Signal Hill.

Dunedin All time stats

  • 187 Workplaces
  • 3,132 People
  • 829 New riders
  • 2,898,260 Km
  • 168,959 Rides
  • 113,022 kg CO2
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