Introduction to Urban Cycling Skills

Qualified instructors from Execel at Cycling and Love to Ride share Cycling Superpowers to help you control the traffic around you and arrive at your destination smiling and stress-free, plus Travel Devon outline the support on offer for individuals and businesses to support cycling across the county. Skip to 5 minutes to go straight to the start of the main section.

Find the webinar useful? Book yourself a session with a qualified instructor!

Devon County Council offers adults in Devon (excluding Torbay and Plymouth) a free two hour 1:1 cycle confidence session. Book a session if you want to:

  • learn to ride a bike or improve on the skills you already have
  • start cycling to work or place of study
  • get tips for riding as a family
  • get advice on suitable routes

Sign up via the via the online booking form or with any questions, get in touch with

Tips for encouraging people to ride

We spoke with some of the top champs in Devon during Cycle September 2019 to hear how they've successfully encouraged their colleagues to ride.

UK All time stats

  • 12,455 Workplaces
  • 181,016 People
  • 36,594 New riders
  • 207,585,934 Miles
  • 14,467,066 Rides
  • 24,111,210 lb CO2
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