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This September, thousands of individuals and businesses across the country and around the world will be enjoying all the benefits of bike riding.

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What's Cycle September all about?

For Cycle September, individuals and workplaces compete nationally and worldwide to earn the most points by riding and encouraging others to do the same.

You can ride anywhere, anytime during September - just a 10 minute ride is enough to take part.

  1. Enjoy a ride
  2. Log it here or connect your favourite cycling app (Strava or Map My Ride)
  3. Earn points, climb the leaderboards and win prizes!

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How can I take part?

You can take part in three ways:

  • As an individual - you'll enter the drawings for Cycle September prizes and compete with others on the individual leaderboards
  • With a workplace - your company will compete on the workplace leaderboards to earn the most points. You'll enter the drawings for individual prizes and help your company win too.
  • With a club/group - clubs aren't eligible for any workplace prizes but are a great way to keep track of how much riding you and your friends can do in September as part of the National Bike Challenge.

How do I earn points?

Earn points as an individual by:

If you're competing as part of a workplace, your workplace points will be the sum of all points earned by every employee taking part at your company on Love to Ride.

You don't have to be a bike commuter to take part - all types of rides count towards your team's score!

Riding points: 1 mile = 1 point, 1 day = 10 points, Encourager points: 1 existing rider = 50 points, 1 new rider = 100 points

Points mean prizes!

Riding and encouraging others will earn you points, and your points put you in the running for the amazing prizes. 

Challenge wrap-up

Cycle September finishes on September 30. After that we give you 48 hours to log your remaining September rides. This is a good opportunity to check your profile and make sure everything looks good before results are finalised! Make sure it's all logged before 11:59pm on 2 October. 

After 2 October, the Love to Ride team will go in full audit mode and check all of the leaderboards and then announce the amazing local, national and global Cycle September winners!

Event status

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Devon All time stats

  • 406 Workplaces
  • 8,126 People
  • 1,654 New riders
  • 8,739,002 Miles
  • 676,308 Rides
  • 1,261,902 lbs CO2
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