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Cyclescheme and Love to Ride have a shared mission to get more people cycling. Throughout 2019 and beyond, our exclusive partnership will focus on getting more people in the saddle than ever before and celebrating YOU for riding a bike to work!

Below are the prizes available exclusively to the Cyclescheme community. Being part of the Love to Ride UK and the Cyclescheme Love to Ride communities means you have double the chances to win big during main events throughout the year. See previous winners here.


On Thursday 8th August, we will be bringing the UK alive with cycling.

Previously we’ve asked riders to pledge the number of miles they plan to ride on Cycle to Work Day. This year, we’re pleased to announce that Cycle to Work Day will be running on Love to Ride. 

7 weeks of cycling:

This year, we’re taking Cycle to Work Day up a gear. We have 7 fantastic cycling challenges for your workforce to take part in – each one designed to ease you into the saddle and celebrate your cycling endeavours. 

The challenges:

Log a ride:

Week 1 - July 1st...

Tell us the reason you ride:

Week 2 - July 8th...

Find your cycle commuting community:

Week 3 - July 15th...

Celebrate women’s cycling:

Week 4 - July 22nd...

Locate your local retailer:

Week 5 - July 29th...

Ride this Cycle to Work Day:

Week 6 - August 8th (specifically)...

Share your cycling story:

Week 7 - August 12th...

  • Are you feeling fitter, happier and less stressed after taking part in our 7 weeks of cycling? All you need to do now is update your cycling story between the 12th – 16th August for the chance to win. 
  • Prize = 5 x £100 cycling vouchers (TBC) - RRP 5 x £100


Joining the community:

If you're already a member of the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community, all you need to do is follow the instructions above! 

If you want to join the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community and take part in the Cycle to Work Day 2019 challenges, follow the links below:

1. Register for free
2. Enjoy a ride and record it on your profile
3. Earn badges and set goals 
4. Invite friends and colleagues to join in the fun 
5. Get rewards and win prizes

Terms and conditions will be released at the start of the challenge.


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Bike Week

June 1st - 30th

Ends in 11 days!


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