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Bike Month - 2021

1st June - 30th June 2021

Ends in 5 days!

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Bike Month - 2021

  • 46 Workplaces
  • 5,186 Participants
  • 276 New riders
  • 778,023 Miles
  • 53,015 Trips
  • 60,736 lbs CO2

Bike Month - 2021

  • 294 Workplaces
  • 19,766 Participants
  • 1,048 New riders
  • 2,866,221 Miles
  • 180,083 Trips
  • 161,721 lbs CO2

Cyclescheme All time stats

  • 2,479 Workplaces
  • 24,866 People
  • 4,694 New riders
  • 28,564,919 Miles
  • 2,310,169 Rides
  • 5,119,906 lbs CO2
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