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United Kingdom

Save 25-39% on a new bike for work

Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. It's like a year-round sale, with interest free credit available in over 2,000 retailers nationwide.

To find out how the scheme works and what you need to do to apply, head over to Cyclescheme's 'How it works' page. 


BUDGET: If you're considering getting a new bike, it's a great idea to get an idea of your budget. Head over to the Cyclescheme calculator to check your savings and decide how much you might want to spend.

SHOPPING: Cyclescheme works with over 2,000 retailers - in-store, online, click & collect and brand direct. If you want the benefit of face-to-face service, head to a nearby Cyclescheme shop. If you already know what you want, or your local shop doesn't have what you are looking for, you might be better off looking online. Decide how you want to shop on Cyclescheme's 'Shop now' page.

APPLYING: Applying to join the scheme is as easy as a cycle through the park! Head over to Cyclescheme's website and click 'I'M AN EMPLOYEE' and search for your employer. If you find them by name GREAT. If you can't, then contact your boss or HR team and ask for your 'Employer code'. Once you're logged in for your employer simply hit 'APPLY NOW'. 

QUESTIONS: Head over to Cyclescheme's knowledge base. You'll be able to browse FAQs and search for any answers you can't find. 



Save up to 52% on a new bike for work

Get a bike tax free and pay for it monthly with Cyclescheme (IE). The scheme allows Irish tax-payers to get one bike and/or selected safety equipment up to the value of €1,000. You don't pay Income Tax, PRSI or USC on the cost of your chosen bike package so can save up to 52% on the retail cost.


Cycle September 2021 - UK

1st September - 30th September 2021

Ends in 13 days!

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Cycle September 2021 - UK

  • 211 Workplaces
  • 5,237 Participants
  • 296 New riders
  • 527,739 Miles
  • 38,712 Trips
  • 64,682 lbs CO2

Cycle September 2021 - UK

  • 1,168 Workplaces
  • 19,711 Participants
  • 1,178 New riders
  • 1,918,075 Miles
  • 130,484 Trips
  • 187,845 lbs CO2

Cyclescheme All time stats

  • 2,626 Workplaces
  • 26,659 People
  • 5,041 New riders
  • 31,548,099 Miles
  • 2,514,840 Rides
  • 5,419,514 lbs CO2
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