At Love to Ride we fully support the UK Government’s position on cycling, which it says is central to getting the economy moving again and is a great way to get your daily exercise. 

We encourage you to ride your bike as your main mode of transportation and as a fun, enjoyable form of exercise. Please do so safely and responsibly, always keeping to local restrictions and following government guidelines.

Riding a bike has so many benefits for our physical and mental health. It helps combat stress and anxiety, releases happy chemicals and strengthens our immune systems.  It's a great way to make use of your daily exercise opportunity, to get out in the fresh air and feeling connected with the world around you.

Are you ready to ride your bike? 

Read Cycling UK’s latest advice on how to keep safe riding whilst observing the rules.

Set a goal to help keep you motivated.

Share your stories about how you’re keeping active.

Last year we launched a new website as a guide for biking in the Coronavirus Era with all the information you need:

Tips for riding during the Coronavirus Era

Has the current situation led you to take up cycling for the first time in a while? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of cycling? 

We've put together a host of handy articles to help motivate you to head out the door and answer some frequently asked questions...

4 Things to Get You Started

How Biking Boosts your Immune System

8 Health Benefits of Biking

How to Look After your Bike at Home

How to Master the Art of the Bike

Update for indoor rides

We appreciate that some people can’t go outside and ride a bike at the moment as they are in a high risk category as it relates to Covid-19. Therefore, we made an exception for indoor rides on a stationary bike or trainer have and allowed them be logged on Love to Ride from March 2020 until further notice. This means indoor rides will add to your rider stats and be included in our prize draws

Please note that all indoor rides have to be logged manually on your profile even if you have an external app connected.

We encourage everyone who is able to go out and enjoy a bike ride to do so at this time. Cycling brings us so many benefits, including the mental and physical health benefits and happiness of being out in the fresh air and feeling connected with the world around us.

You can log indoor rides on your profile like this:

A screen recording of logging a manual ride by entering the miles, date and trip purpose under 'add a ride' on your profile. Finally, click 'log my ride'.

Bike Month - 2021

1st June - 30th June 2021

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Bike Month - 2021

  • 46 Workplaces
  • 5,186 Participants
  • 276 New riders
  • 778,017 Miles
  • 53,013 Trips
  • 60,736 lbs CO2

Bike Month - 2021

  • 294 Workplaces
  • 19,766 Participants
  • 1,048 New riders
  • 2,866,188 Miles
  • 180,077 Trips
  • 161,719 lbs CO2

Cyclescheme All time stats

  • 2,479 Workplaces
  • 24,866 People
  • 4,694 New riders
  • 28,564,919 Miles
  • 2,310,169 Rides
  • 5,119,906 lbs CO2
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