What's it all about?

Cyclescheme and Love to Ride have a shared mission to get you cycling (or cycling more!).

We want to see you on a bike, loving your journey and telling your friends why cycling rocks.

  • The community has tons of information to make sure your ride is safe and secure 
  • It offers you the chance to join a thriving community of cyclists - all in it together
  • And, it gives you access to rewards and prizes to honour your efforts in riding more

How does it work?

Love to Ride use proven techniques to support you in your quest to ride more. 

Their goal is to nudge you along whilst rewarding you for your efforts and celebrating your achievements every step of the way.

They'll get to know you: 
 so you get information, help overcoming barriers and recognition of your successes
They'll use quick surveys:  to discover key information about you, how often you ride and what your goals are
They'll find out the specific barriers you face:  effectively supporting you in overcoming you cycle to work more
You can record your rides:  see your stats stack up, receive positive reinforcing messages and earn rewards

Next steps:

1. Register for free and connect an app
2. Enjoy a ride and record it on your profile
3. Earn badges and set goals 
4. Invite friends and colleagues to join in the fun 
5. Get rewards and win prizes

      Invite via Email

Need a bike, components, clothing or accessories?

You're in the right place! This community is funded by Cyclescheme - the UK's leading the cycle to work provider. We get more adults on bikes than any other organisation in the UK, over 800,000 to date.

United Kingdom:

With Cyclescheme you can save 25-39% on your next bike or item of cycling kit, spread the cost over a year and  avoid a credit check.

There's over 50,000 employers using Cyclescheme - if your employer is signed up you can start saving now, otherwise invite them to register.



Cyclescheme (IE) also operates in Ireland where riders are lucky enough to save up to 52% on the cost of a bike for work. 

The perks are very similar with employees being able to save moneyspread the cost and avoid undergoing a credit check. 


Already use a ride tracking app?

No problem! Click on the app you use and hook it up to your profile. All your rides will contribute to your Love to Ride stats and put you in the saddle for rewards and prizes.

Connect with Strava   Get the Love to Ride mobile app   Connect with Map my ride   Connect with Endomondo

Bike Month - 2021

1st June - 30th June 2021

Ends in 5 days!

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Bike Month - 2021

  • 46 Workplaces
  • 5,186 Participants
  • 276 New riders
  • 777,994 Miles
  • 53,011 Trips
  • 60,736 lbs CO2

Bike Month - 2021

  • 294 Workplaces
  • 19,765 Participants
  • 1,048 New riders
  • 2,866,112 Miles
  • 180,068 Trips
  • 161,710 lbs CO2

Cyclescheme All time stats

  • 2,479 Workplaces
  • 24,866 People
  • 4,694 New riders
  • 28,564,738 Miles
  • 2,310,148 Rides
  • 5,119,864 lbs CO2
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