Check out the Local Events and Initiatives in Cary this May!

Cary, Find Your Greenway

Cary Find your Greenway logo. The background is dark navy with red, green and white text for the typography.

Kicks off on May 20 until June 4.

Celebrate Cary Bike Month and the National Trails day together! Ride to the featured Cary greenways, find and scan the QR code and be entered into a draw to win a one of 10 backpack coolers! Find out more about the Cary, Find Your Greenway event here.

Bike Rental Pilot

Explore Cary on Two Wheels logo. The text is at the bottom of the rectangular logo and is in a black bold font. The top half of the logo is a bike illustration in black and pink.

May 4 - July 5, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily at Bond Park (near the Boathouse).

A bike rental station will be ready for you at Bond Park for two months this summer, where you can ride along Cary's 90+ miles of greenways - which is also connected to 300 miles of paved trail! Want to know more? Check out this page here.

Take a look at the Town of Cary's Special Events page for more information. 

Cary All time stats

  • 6 Workplaces
  • 166 People
  • 36 New riders
  • 151,805 Miles
  • 7,544 Rides
  • 4,890 lb CO2
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