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Win a Beryl Laserlight!

We're busy wrapping up our most successful Cycle September yet & sending out prizes to our 757 lucky winners!

The clocks go back on Sunday 27 October so we're giving away 5 Beryl Laserlights from 21-24th October. Log a ride Monday-Thursday to go into 4x draws, plus one Cycle September survey recipient will win one too (check your inbox!).

Register here, enjoy a ride and record it on your profile to see what Love to Ride is all about and join our next event, Winter Wheelers.

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Event status

Now complete!

Cycle September UK

  • 102 Organisations
  • 864 Participants
  • 63 New riders
  • 99,959 Miles
  • 11,576 Trips
  • 33,580 lbs CO2

Brighton & Hove all time stats

  • 166 Organisations
  • 3,833 People
  • 716 New riders
  • 1,788,116 Miles
  • 212,140 Rides
  • 512,793 lbs CO2


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