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#ChooseCycling for Bike Month!

We're launching Bike Month this June to help as many people as possible #ChooseCycling for exercise and transport.

The UK Government has placed cycling at the centre of plans to get the country moving again. Cycling is recommended for daily exercise and as the best mode of transport to maintain distancing and avoid congestion for essential journeys.

Join Bike Month to help the UK recover from the coronavirus crisis, support Bikes for Key Workers initiatives, have some fun and win prizes. 

Read our adviceset a goal for Bike Month and share your stories about how you’re keeping active.

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Event status

Now complete!

2020 Bike Month UK

  • 42 Organisations
  • 477 Participants
  • 31 New riders
  • 58,042 Miles
  • 4,039 Trips
  • 1,796 lbs CO2

Brighton & Hove all time stats

  • 179 Organisations
  • 4,028 People
  • 746 New riders
  • 2,179,086 Miles
  • 244,602 Rides
  • 615,264 lbs CO2


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