Keep riding with Winter Wheelers!

We want to help, incentivise and encourage you to keep riding now the summer is behind us! From December 1-25 you can take part in Love to Ride Winter Wheelers!

Cycling is a great way to enjoy being outside, get some exercise and feel happy, healthy and active over the winter months. Check out these tips to help you love winter riding!

How can I take part?

There are two tiers to taking part... 

  1. Anyone, anywhere can register for Love to Ride. You can record your mileage, set yourself goals and earn badges too. By riding in December you'll also gain access to exclusive discounts from our Winter Wheelers sponsors.
  2. Upgrade your workplace to our Love to Ride Business programme to unlock daily prize giveaways and go in the draw for $650-1000 local bike shop vouchers. 

Register here to unlock exclusive discounts

Find out more about Love to Ride for Business  

Will there be prizes?

Yes! For members of Love to Ride Business there will be amazing prizes to win everyday of Winter Wheelers from our friends at Proviz, Beryl, Torch and Muc-Off, plus two local bike shop voucher giveaways. 

Check out our prizes page to see what you can win this month. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter to see whether you're a lucky winner!

Find out more about Love to Ride for Business to unlock daily prize giveaways!

How to go into the draw

For Love to Ride Business members:

Every day you ride, log your ride and you’ll go into our daily prize draw. Make sure you log your ride before 5pm the following day to go into the draw - the previous day's winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter at 12pm EST every day.

Everyone who rides between 1-24 December will go into our Christmas day draw for a £1,000 local bike shop voucher! 

Log your ride on your Love to Ride profile, or via an app.

Why take part?

Winter Wheelers is a fun bicycling campaign to reward you for riding when you otherwise might not! You can keep track of how many miles you clock up, take part with your local cycling club or group and bag great gear to help see you through the rest of winter.

You don't have to be a keen cycle commuter to take part - all types of ride count and there are prizes for riding at the weekend too!

Register now 

There's an app for that...

You can automagically log your rides by syncing with your favourite cycling app - find out more here.


Want to join us to get more people cycling?

The team at Love to Ride bring a unique approach to getting more people cycling, more often. Refined over 10 years, the Love to Ride platform and programmes have been created to work in businesses of all sizes, as well as entire cities and regions.

For workplaces

Love to Ride will enhance your staff wellbeing and engagement activity, benefitting your staff, your business and your local community.

Cycling brings so many benefits to you and your organisation, including:

  • Healthier, happier co-workers
  • Fewer sick days (and reduced cost of absenteeism)
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy and productivity
  • Lower car parking costs
  • Your co-workers and your company both save money!
  • Increased sustainability

We can provide you with a Love to Ride for Workplaces profile and programme for your organisation.  You will get a host of benefits from all kinds of stats and data, internal leaderboards (top offices, top departments, top commuters, top riders, top encouragers), premium monthly prizes for you and your colleagues, ability to message your team, access to our easy to run (and fun!) campaigns and challenges, and more!

Download our introductory document with more information - Download Love to Ride for Business doc here

For cities + regions 

The Love to Ride platform and programmes will complement your local cycling and sustainable travel activities, helping make more liveable spaces for everyone to enjoy. More info

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