Bike Easy Challenge Prizes

Congrats to our 2019 Bike Easy Challenge Winners! 

Category winners are listed below. There are some discrepancies between the organization results and club/group results listed on the Results page because of some incorrect team registrations. All points are audited and final. 

Want to find out what everybody won? We'll be announcing all prizes at our annual Bicycle Second Line on May 26. Check out the facebook event here for more details!


Top Commuter - Terry Watt

Top Encourager - Grayson Fleming

Top Rider-Total Points - Grayson Fleming

Top Rider-Total Trips - Vlad Zuzukin

Top Male Rider-Miles - Randall Legeai

Top Female Rider-Miles - Melissa Wolbrette

Top New Male Rider - Manny Ohlsen

Top New Female Rider - Zaria Breaux

Team Prizes

Workplace (3-6 Staff) - Law Firm of Jefferson David Dye

Workplace (7-19 Staff) - Green Coast Enterprises *

Workplace (20-49 Staff) - Regional Planning Commission

Workplace (50-199 Staff) - Howard Tilton Memorial Library

Workplace (200-499 Staff) - Pan-American Life Insurance

Workplace (500+ Staff)  - New Orleans City Hall

Group (Most Miles) - Semi-Tough Cycling Club *

Group (Most Rides) - Krewe of Full Bush

Group (Most Days) - Teen Outdoor Education Services †

* - The Results page does not reflect this. Semi-Tough is counted as a cycling group not a workplace so their miles (5,219) were counted within the group categories. 

† - The 4-way tie in this category was decided by who had the most miles. 

Random Prize Draw Winners

Thanks for logging rides!

Week 1 - Tim Colglazier

Week 2 - Laura Williams

Week 3 - Tricia Kraus

Week 4 - Adam Wisniewski

Thank you to all our generous 2019 Bike Easy Challenge prize and food donors!