The challenge is free for teams and individuals to take part, all you have to do is register a profile and start riding!  If you're interested in getting your organization involved and accessing further features and data read on!

We want to support you, your colleagues, and your organization to gain all the benefits of riding.

As you know, biking has so many benefits!  From being healthier and happier, to being more energized and productive, to taking fewer sick days and being more sustainable.

Example Organization Profile Page Stats (you can get stats like these for your organization!)

AND, this year you can directly challenge another organization and you will compete directly with them on a dedicated leaderboard. You can also complete on special industry leaderboards.

Overview - the Workplace Bike Challenge

  • Your organization can choose to take part in a 'Workplace Bike Challenge' during the National Bike Challenge.
  • There are two Workplace Challenges during the NBC - May and another in September - you can take part in one or both.
  • Organizations and their departments will compete against others of the same size (so it's a level playing field).
  • Each individual, organization and department will earn points as pictured below. The more points you earn by riding and by encouraging others to ride too, the higher up the leaderboard your organization and department team will go.
  • There will be great prizes that you and your colleagues can win.
  • Marketing and promotion materials provided.
    Example Leaderboard

How to Earn Points 

You earn points by:

  • Riding; and
  • Encouraging others to ride.

Team points are the sum of all of the individual team members’ points.

The points system has been carefully developed, tried and tested, over the last 4 years to ensure a fair and exciting competition, and to strongly encourage teams to engage new riders if they want to secure victory. Here’s how individual points are earned: 

How do encourager points work? 

 For a full details: See here!

How to Take Part

  1. Register on the website (or log in if you've registered on Love to Ride before)
  2. Register or join your organization team
  3. Ride a bike anywhere, anytime, during the month-long Challenge. 

  4. Record your rides on the website (or via an app) to earn points 

  5. Recruit your colleagues and friends to ride and join in too. 

  6. Go into the prize drawing! 

Registration Fee

Businesses have much to gain be encouraging and supporting you and your colleagues to ride. That’s why we want to work with your colleagues in HR, sustainability, staff engagement, and employee transportation to provide a comprehensive program of encouragement, including providing functionality to reward and incentivise people you and your colleagues to ride. 

Naturally, there is a small fee to cover our staff time to support you and your colleagues to ride and participate in the Challenge. The ROI is massive for your company due to all the benefits it will bring and the cost of participation being very reasonable.

Learn more about Love to Ride for Business here - and the features and benefits you get.

Let's get more of your colleagues enjoying the benefits of riding!

Winter Wheelers 2019

December 1st - 25th

Starts in 14 days!


Bay Area All time stats

  • 293 Organizations
  • 5,536 People
  • 1,150 New riders
  • 4,857,980 Miles
  • 412,564 Rides
  • 992,122 lbs CO2
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