In response to Covid-19, we want to help you stay active, feel connected and make the most of riding. You can go out to pick up groceries and medicine, go banking, visit your doctor or exercise to stay healthy.

Riding a bike has many benefits for us as individuals, for our community and for the planet. Staying active and getting fresh air is so important for our physical and mental health, helps combat stress and anxiety, releases happy chemicals, keeps us connected and strengthens cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Share your stories about how you’re keeping active and keep up with the conversation on social using the hashtag #ChooseCycling.

Tips for riding during the Coronavirus Era

Has the current situation led you to take up cycling for the first time in a while? Want to learn more about the benefits of cycling? 

We've put together a host of handy articles to help you find some answers!

4 Things to Get You Started

How biking boosts your immune system

8 health benefits of biking

How to look after your bike at home

How to master the art of the bike

Indoor rides

During these unprecedented times, we completely appreciate that some people can’t go outside and ride a bike at the moment as they are in a high risk category as it relates to Covid-19. Therefore, we’re making an exception for March and April (and possibly longer TBC) that indoor rides on a stationary bike or trainer are OK to be logged on Love to Ride. This means they'll add to your rider stats and they’ll be included in our prize drawings

We still encourage everyone who is able to go out and enjoy a bike ride to do so at this time. Biking brings us so many benefits, including the health benefits and happiness of being out in the fresh air, exercising and feeling connected with the world around us. You can log indoor rides on your profile like this:

Bay Area All time stats

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  • 8,313 People
  • 1,488 New riders
  • 9,015,818 Miles
  • 643,818 Rides
  • 1,081,558 lbs CO2
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