Auburn University

Top Encouragers

Position Name People Encouraged
1st Hari Bartlett 4
2nd Emma Kelsey 3
3rd Steven Schultz 3
4th Jamie Marconi 3
5th Dan Lynch 3
6th Julianne Agno 3
7th Sara Sundquist 2
8th Karen Kubos 2

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Top Riders (Most Miles)

Top Riders (Most trips)

Top Male Rider (Most Miles)

Top Female Rider (Most Miles)

Top Non-Binary Riders

Top Male New Rider

Top Female New Rider

Top Non-Binary New Riders

Top Commuters (Most days riding to work)

Most Rides with Kids

Winter Wheelers 2023 - Auburn University

December 1st - 25th

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Auburn University All time stats

  • 47 College
  • 380 People
  • 84 New riders
  • 60,156 Miles
  • 9,802 Rides
  • 10,201 lb CO2