Bike Month in Atlanta

With everything that’s been happening, we want to give you something healthy, positive, and fun. 

Before 'Biketober - The Atlanta Bike Challenge' rolls back around in October we are still here to support you to gain the benefits of riding a bike.

This Bike Month - we’re inviting you, your family, friends and coworkers to set yourselves a goal for how much biking you want to enjoy. 

You can have several goals at once:


Your company, your bike club, and/or your group of friends, can also set a goal for how much biking you want to do collectively.

This is a great way to connect with your co-workers and friends, build some camaraderie and community, and support each other in achieving your goals.

Set your goals here

Biking in the Coronavirus Era

We've launched a new website as a guide for biking in the Coronavirus Era with all the information you need:

Part of the National Bike Challenge

Bike Month is part of the 2020 National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event that unites thousands of new and existing bicyclists across the country in a friendly campaign designed to celebrate and encourage biking.

We want bike riders of all flavors to show their support for a bike-friendly Atlanta and USA and join the National Bike Challenge (NBC). Let's create a happier, healthier world and get more people riding and smiling!


Check out all the great prizes you can win here!

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Atlanta All time stats

  • 763 Organizations
  • 11,235 People
  • 3,443 New riders
  • 5,991,521 Miles
  • 490,299 Rides
  • 783,482 lbs CO2
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