It's time for something fun!

Connect with your co-workers and friends, and enjoy bike riding this Fall. Biketober - The Atlanta Bike Challenge - is coming up and you're invited to ...

Unite your team and ride to victory!

With many of us working remotely, it’s time to bring your co-workers and friends together for a fun challenge.

What is the Atlanta Bike Challenge - Biketober?

The Atlanta Bike Challenge - Biketober is a fun and free competition to encourage you, your friends, family, and coworkers to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bike. It has so many benefits: it can improve your health, boost your wellbeing, save you money, and keep you connected in your community. Plus, there are fantastic prizes up for grabs to reward and motivate you to ride and encourage others to take part.

You can ride anywhere, anytime in October - even a quick 10-minute ride is enough to take part.

  1. Sign up: 
    Log in (if you've taken part before); or
    - Create a new profile
  2. Enjoy a bike ride(s)
  3. Log the rides on your profile or connect your favorite cycling app (Strava, Endomondo, or MapMyRide)
  4. Earn points, climb the leaderboards, and enter the prize drawings!

How do I earn points?

Earn points as an individual by:

Your workplace and team points will be the sum of all points earned by every person taking part in your company or team on Love to Ride.

The points system has been carefully developed to ensure a fair and exciting competition, and to strongly motivate individuals to encourage new people to get on a bike if they want to climb the leaderboard and secure victory (this is so we can get more people riding bikes and create a more bike-friendly city).

Take part with a workplace 

Join or register a workplace

Biketober is a virtual bike challenge - this means that you and your co-workers can all take part, whether you’re working from home or the office. Using the Love to Ride website you can encourage and support each other to ride even if you don't go to the office.

Invite your coworkers to take part and compete with one another on your company's own internal leaderboards and together against other workplaces on an Atlanta-wide workplace leaderboard. 

Organizations will compete against those of a similar size for a fair chance of winning. There are seven size categories: 

  • 2000+ staff
  • 500-1999 staff
  • 200-499 staff
  • 50-199 staff
  • 20-49 staff
  • 7-19 staff
  • 3-6 staff

Companies will compete to earn the most points in October by riding and encouraging others to do the same.

Companies with the most total points at the end of October will win their size category.

Haven’t seen your friends in a while? Take part in a social team!

Biketober provides you with a great way to connect and have some fun with your friends, while doing something healthy and smile-inducing. You can form a social team of up to eight friends (and you can be a part of your workplace team as well as your social team).

Social teams will compete across three different leaderboards so you are able to focus on what inspires you most to take part in the challenge. You will be able to toggle the leaderboards between:

  • total points
  • riding points (total of day and miles points)
  • encourager points

Team leaderboards can be filtered by region (e.g. Midtown) and by team type (e.g. cycling group, group of friends etc.).

Take part as an individual 

Ride solo, earn points, compete on individual leaderboards, and win prizes. 

What are the benefits to you, your workplace, and the Atlanta Region?

  • Free for everyone.
  • Stay connected with your community.
  • It is an ideal way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and put a big smile on your face.
  • It is a fun team-building activity.
  • A friendly competition across the metro Atlanta region.
  • Help reduce air pollution, emissions, and save people money.
  • Prize incentives and bragging rights.

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Atlanta Bike Challenge 2020 - Biketober

October 1st - 31st

Ends in 7 days!

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Atlanta Bike Challenge 2020 - Biketober

  • 279 Organizations
  • 2,740 Participants
  • 369 New riders
  • 294,684 Miles
  • 23,634 Trips
  • 17,268 lbs CO2

Atlanta Bike Challenge 2020 - Biketober Registrations

  • 378 Organizations
  • 4,495 People

Atlanta All time stats

  • 891 Organizations
  • 13,836 People
  • 4,078 New riders
  • 6,986,417 Miles
  • 549,687 Rides
  • 758,029 lbs CO2
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