December - Winter Wheelers

Check out the prizes we gave away for Winter Wheelers 2020 below.

From December 1-25, you can unlock discounts and win cycling gear from Proviz, Beryl and Loffi, plus a brand new e-bike on December 25!

How can I win Prizes?

  • Ride anytime, anywhere from December 1-25
  • Log your ride by 10am the following day to enter the prize draw for the previous day (e.g. Enjoy a ride on  December 1, log it by 10am on December 2, winner announced at 5pm) 
  • Everyone who rides from December 1-24 will enter the draw for a brand new e-bike announced on December 25!
  • Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website for prize winner announcements.

What can I win?

Each day there is a different prize to win. Look out for the following icons for each prize sponsor:

Registration prize
Prize: $750 local bike shop voucher
How: Sign up for Winter Wheelers before Tuesday, December 1 to enter

Congratulations to: Liz J at University of Brighton

Prize: REFLECT360 gear
How: Enjoy a ride on December 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23 or 24

Congratulations to: 

  • Jason L at the University of Manchester (Jacket)
  • Zhen F at Cooper Carry Architects (Jacket)
  • Matt K at GSK Stevenage (Trousers)
  • Jason S from Acworth (Jacket)
  • Hugh E at Fujitsu Services (Jacket)
  • Holden B at Zoo Atlanta (Trousers)
  • Bryan S at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Trousers)
  • Nadia B at XPO Logistics (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Rich P from Southampton (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Carolyn T at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (Jacket)
  • Adriana G at Emory University (Jacket)
  • Raymond O from Whitley Bay (Jacket)
  • Douglas M at Emory University (Jacket)
  • Geneva G from San Francisco (Trousers)
  • James M from Lincoln (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Lee J at ABMU (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Dafydd S at National Oceanography Centre (Jacket)
  • Durand C from Conyers (Jacket)
  • Tim H at South West Water (Jacket)
  • Shannon W at Georgia Department of Natural Resources (Jacket)
  • Nigel B at Northumbria Health Care Trust (Jacket)
  • David F at Troop Support (Jacket)
  • Bill T at pdmrs  (Jacket)
  • Yasser K from Birmingham  (Jacket)
  • Rhonda M at City of Brookfield  (Jacket)
  • David C at CRA, Inc (Trousers)
  • Jenny L from Woodbridge (Jacket)
  • Rand W at Marist School (Jacket)
  • James P at 2 generations (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Ross H at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust (Trousers + Gloves)
  • Hugo M from Alpharetta (Trousers)
  • Pablo A at Luton & Dunstable University Hospital (Jacket)
  • Chuck O at Rothman Animal Hospital (Jacket)

Prize: Lights
How: Enjoy a ride on December 5, 13, 15 or 19

Congratulations to: 

  • Martyn P at O2 Telefonica (Burner Brake)
  • Simon F at Cadence Design Systems (Pixel)
  • Kevin D at Cadence Design Systems (Pixel)
  • Merrick W at Yeldall Manor (Pixel)
  • Eric D at Structural Soils/RSK (Pixel)
  • Chris H at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Laserlight Core)
  • Paul E at Lancashire Constabulary (Laserlight)
  • Valentino B from London (Laserlight)

Brand: Loffi
Prize: Gloves
How: Enjoy a ride on December 2, 8, 11, 17 or 22

Congratulations to: 

  • Sylvain K from London
  • Szilard H from Sheffield
  • Barny B at Rolls-Royce plc - Barnoldswick
  • Alan J at Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Daniel M at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mark S at The Open University
  • Geoff W at North Somerset Council
  • Cheryl F from Stockport
  • Andy M at The Pensions Regulator
  • Robbin M. R from Atlanta

Prize: A brand new e-bike!
How: Enjoy a ride anytime from December 1-24

  • Richard B at Islington Council - £1750 local bike shop gift card 
  • Abe M at Boston Scientific -  $1750 local bike shop gift card 

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Thanks to our amazing prize sponsors:


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