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Livingston Cycling Club

We are a local, welcoming and friendly cycling club over 160 members providing group rides for varying abilities. Whether you are new to road cycling, experienced, looking to improve fitness or meet like-minded folk, we try to cater to member's needs.

Our Goal: No Goal Set Yet!

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Top Riders (Most Rides)

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Club / Group Members

Name Trips Miles
Russell Rennie 696 22,949
Jasper Post 648 21,479
Christopher Cunningham 445 9,749
Elizabeth Rennie 344 11,516
George Smith 240 4,821
Roger Mc Ewan 177 4,202
Autumn Redleaf 102 260
Gabor Majoros 85 913
Stuart Gilbert 85 2,814

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West Lothian All time stats

  • 77 Workplaces
  • 1,517 People
  • 420 New riders
  • 2,087,539 Miles
  • 136,072 Rides
  • 262,873 lb CO2