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A superb 9,966 people took part in Bike Week 2018!

Thanks for helping us celebrate riding and for making Bike Week 2018 the best yet! We hope you enjoyed getting on a bike and encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to try riding too.

Next up is our main event, Cycle September - and we're going Global! 

We'll have more amazing prizes up for grabs plus a brand new leaderboard so you can see which workplaces encourage the highest % of staff to take to their bikes in South Yorkshire, the UK and across the world! 


Event status

Now complete!

Bike Week 2018

  • 528 Participants
  • 28 New riders
  • 38,478 Miles
  • 2,957 Trips

Bike Week 2018 stats

  • 9,965 Participants
  • 403 New riders
  • 758,462 Miles
  • 53,653 Trips

South Yorkshire all time stats

  • 201 Organisations
  • 2,272 People
  • 491 New riders
  • 1,113,792 Miles
  • 106,163 Rides


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