South Yorkshire
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Time to pedal your way to victory for Cycle September! 🏆

This month you, and riders all around the world, are taking part in the global bike challenge.

Everyone can take part in Cycle September, it’s all about riding your bike and encouraging others to ride too! 

In this fun, friendly competition individuals, businesses, and communities compete to see which can get the most friends, family and co-workers to ride a bike during September.

If you haven't been on a bike in years, it is the ideal opportunity to rediscover the joy of riding a bike. Already riding? Then together let’s get your friends, family and co-workers enjoying all the benefits of riding a bike.

Ride your bike in our global competition and help your workplace top the leaderboards! Together, let’s get more people riding bikes

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Cycle September 2021 - UK

1st September - 30th September 2021

Ends in 4 days!

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Cycle September 2021 - UK
South Yorkshire

  • 137 Workplaces
  • 1,162 Participants
  • 90 New riders
  • 164,841 Miles
  • 11,170 Trips
  • 15,518 lbs CO2

Cycle September 2021 - UK

  • 3,656 Workplaces
  • 21,925 Participants
  • 1,446 New riders
  • 3,003,433 Miles
  • 207,170 Trips
  • 301,717 lbs CO2

South Yorkshire All time stats

  • 386 Workplaces
  • 5,942 People
  • 1,186 New riders
  • 7,747,094 Miles
  • 576,219 Rides
  • 865,012 lbs CO2
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