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Our Goal: cycle 2000 miles by 30th September 2021
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Michael Jervis Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 516 8,414
Kirsty Mullen Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 155 1,008
Steph Spencer Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 56 435
Sharon Robson Warehouse Not Signed-up yet 34 323
Amy Thompson Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 29 274
Brandon Wilkes Warehouse Not Signed-up yet 19 76
Anthony Bennett Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 17 85
Steve Adams Warehouse Not Signed-up yet 17 92
Liam Bowers Sheffield Not Signed-up yet 16 225
Samantha Dorrin Finance Not Signed-up yet 10 58

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South Yorkshire All time stats

  • 386 Workplaces
  • 5,953 People
  • 1,187 New riders
  • 7,884,938 Miles
  • 586,048 Rides
  • 877,864 lbs CO2
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