We did it! Over 1 million miles have been ridden for transportation. 🎉 You’ve shown that change is more than #BikePossible, so we’ve added a stretch target. Let’s go for gold and ride 1,500,000 miles! Find out more

8,020 miles down, 1,491,980 miles to go!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for making the Shasta Bike Challenge happen. 

Your donations, contributions, and support have a huge impact on the success of Shasta Bike Month!


Headwaters Adventure Company| Churn Creek Meadow Organic Farm| Starbucks| Turtle Bay| Shasta Rock Club| Shasta Strong Massage and Wellness| The Bike Shop| Theory Coffee| And other community partners who support bicycling!

Thank You! 

Shasta County All time stats

  • 101 Workplaces
  • 2,377 People
  • 726 New riders
  • 2,235,679 Miles
  • 151,552 Rides
  • 113,842 lbs CO2
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