The Challenge Format

Love to Ride has made some improvements to the National Bike Challenge in 2020 to make it more exciting, punchy, and ultimately more successful at encouraging more people to ride, more often. The Shasta Bike Challenge is using Love to Ride to track local participants and teams trips and points.

 For more information about local bike events, social rides, and other news, always refer back to

 May 2020 - the Shasta Bike Challenge (combined with National Bike Challenge) - join a team or ride as an individual and have some fun riding and encouraging others to ride too. Local workplaces, schools, and teams can compete against each other. There are points, leaderboards, and lots of prizes! 

Year Round and May-September Individual Leaderboards - you can also use the Love to Ride website (on which the National Bike Challenge is being run) to record your rides and compete on monthly individual leaderboards (e.g. Top Rider, Top Commuter, etc). The League of American Bicyclists will also be giving away some Top Rider awards for the summer riding season (May - September). 

Do indoor rides count?

During these unprecedented times, we completely understand that some people can’t go outside and ride a bike at the moment as they are in a high risk category as it relates to Covid-19. Unfortunately, we cannot make an exception for indoor rides on a stationary bike or trainer for our bike challenge at this time. We do highly encourage you to still continue to ride for exercise indoor if you cannot get outside but your rides and miles will not count for the Bike Challenge.

How to Earn Points 

You earn points by:

  • Riding; and
  • Encouraging others to ride.

Team points are the sum of all of the individual team members’ points.

The points system has been carefully developed, tried and tested, over the last 4 years to ensure a fair and exciting competition, and to strongly encourage teams to engage new riders if they want to secure victory. Here’s how individual points are earned: 

1 mile = 1 point
1 day = 10 points
1 existing rider encouraged = 50 points
1 new rider encouraged = 100 points

Note: Trips must be 10 minutes and 1 mile in order to be awarded any points.

How do I get credit for encouraging a new or existing rider?

When a user logs their first ride (and first ride in a challenge), they're asked if someone encouraged them to ride. If they type in your name, you get credit/points for encouraging them! 

You can encourage a user any way you like to ride (e.g. by email, or being there in person to guide and support them) - just make sure they credit you when they sign up and log that ride.

Who is a new rider? Who is not?

When someone joins the site they fill out a baseline survey - everyone is then designated a new rider or existing rider based on the information they provide during that survey. New riders are folks who've rarely ridden in the last 12 months.


Our local leaderboard for Shasta County is one big leaderboard based on all categories (trips, miles, and encouragement = total points). At the end of the challenge, teams will be ranked with similar sized teams (workplaces, team, schools) and broken down into multiple categories.  So don't sweat it if your team is struggling to compete with much larger teams. All of this will be tallied at the end of the challenge. Compare your team to similar sized teams to get a rough idea where you stand.  

State vs State leaderboards

Which states can earn the most points by riding and encouraging others to ride?


City vs City / Community vs Community Leaderboard

Which communities/cities/counties can earn the most points by riding and encouraging others to ride? 


Top Individual Riders

Leaderboards for who are the… 

  • Top Riders – Trips
  • Top Commuters – Trips
  • Top Riders – Miles
  • Top New Riders - Miles

There will be monthly leaderboards and leaderboards for the whole year and for the May-September period as well.

The Shasta Bike Challenge will recognize the following:

  • Top Riders- Trips & Miles
  • Top Commuters- Trips
  • Top Workplaces- Points, Trips, & Miles (this is 3 separate categories)
  • Top Schools- Points, Trips, & Miles
  • Top Team- Points, Trips, & Miles

Note: For the top teams, we will have multiple categories. All teams will be placed in a category based on team size (small, medium, large). The OVERALL TOP TEAMS will be based on trips and miles. Encouragement points will be a separate special category that will be awarded to the top teams.

There will be a recognition for the individuals with:

  • Top Existing Rider Engagement
  • Top New Rider Engagement

**All individuals above will be recognized at the Shasta Bike Challenge Celebration June 5th at Chain Gang Bike Shop. Visit Shasta Bike Challenge for news & event information.

Overview – The Shasta Bike Challenge – May 2020

  • Start a team or join an existing team (or you can ride solo, but it’s more fun with some friends!)
  • Teams can have as many riders as they want for the local Shasta Bike Challenge.
  • Teams can be made-up of anyone – colleagues, club, friends, family, etc.
  • Workplaces can be made with colleagues (family can join too).
  • Schools can be made-up of students, teachers/staff, and family
  •  Each individual and team will earn points as pictured above. The more points you earn by riding and by encouraging others to ride too, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go.

  • Who can join my team?

    When it comes to joining a team, we want participants to join the team they identify with. For example, if you start a team for a bike club, or other organization, those involved with the group should join your team. If you start a workplace team, your co-workers can join. If you start a school team, those who either go to the school, work at the school, or have family at the school can join. However, we do have some exceptions to joining these teams. Family members (your significant other, children, etc. count as well) can join the same team you identify with. When it comes to friends, it is better they start there own team or join their workplace or other organization they are a part of. If they don't identify with either, they can always ride as an individual. Participants can also form a team not associated with a workplace or school and any of their friends can join!


    You can use one of the following apps:

    • Ride Report
    • Strava
    • Map My Ride
    • The Love to Ride app

    Register or login to connect an app.

    More on apps here.

    You can also log your rides manually. This is quick to do on the Love to Ride website.    

    How to Take Part

    1. Register on the website (or log in if you've registered on Love to Ride before)
    2. Create a team or join an existing team
    3. Ride a bike anywhere, anytime, during the month-long Challenge. 
    4. Record your rides on the website (or via an app) to earn points 
    5. Recruit your colleagues and friends to ride and join in too. 
    6. Go into the prize drawing! 

    Win Prizes!

    Free prizes, just for riding your bike? Yes please! Every day participants log a trip (distance/duration do not matter) their name is entered into the prize drawing. The more days participants ride, the better the chances of winning. Participants can have up to 31 entries for the prize drawing. Only Shasta County residents are eligible to win. Winners will also be announced on and will be individually contacted following the event with the email they provided. Now what are you waiting for? Log a trip everyday and increase your chances on winning awesome prizes! For more information on event dates and prizes, please visit

    Tried and Tested

    The above team challenge format and the website technology built to run it has already been tried and tested in a National and local campaign called ‘Biketober’ which ran last October with much success. We are repeating this same format (with some improvements based on feedback) for the National Bike Challenge in May 2018 because it worked so well. 

    Who’s running the Challenge

    Love to Ride and the League of American Bicyclists are joining forces to bring you an exciting National Bike Challenge format in 2018.


    About Love to Ride

    Love to Ride is the online platform that gets more people riding, more often. Through our website and programs we have engaged more than 310,000 people and have encouraged more than 77,000 ‘non-riders’ to try riding a bike.

    We work with cities, businesses, advocacy groups and riders around the world to provide best practice bicycle encouragement programs and make it easy and fun to encourage our friends, family, colleagues and community to rediscover the joys of riding. 

    More about Love to Ride for Cities

    More about Love to Ride for Business

    About the League of American Bicyclists

    For generations past and to come, The League represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere. 

    We Believe

    Bicycling brings people together. 

    When more people ride bikes:      

    • Life is better for everyone;       
    • Communities are safer, stronger and better connected;       
    • Our nation is healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner and more energy independent.

    Learn more about The League


    A Tool for Encouraging Riding

    We know that riding a bike has tremendous benefits and that the best way to realize those benefits is to get on a bike. So we provide the incentives, tools and support to help you and your friends, colleagues, and family to start riding and experience the joys and benefits of bicycling firsthand.

    Love to Ride offers a single platform where you can keep track of your riding, find answers and resources to help you ride more confidently, get access to discounts at local bike shops, win prizes for riding, and to encourage your friends and colleagues to ride (and win prizes for that too!).

    We like to think of people who take part in Love to Ride programs and Challenges as partners who help us to spread the love of bicycling by combining our tools with your enthusiasm!


    Got More Questions?

    FAQs - National Bike Challenge

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    Winter Wheelers USA

    • 71 Workplaces
    • 10,369 Participants
    • 267 New riders
    • 1,197,955 Miles
    • 69,564 Trips
    • 35,967 lbs CO2

    Shasta County All time stats

    • 84 Workplaces
    • 1,910 People
    • 573 New riders
    • 1,664,143 Miles
    • 113,615 Rides
    • 102,529 lbs CO2

    USA All time stats

    • 15,020 Workplaces
    • 236,732 People
    • 53,259 New riders
    • 202,481,087 Miles
    • 16,583,991 Rides
    • 30,348,068 lbs CO2
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