#MakeEveryRideCount this May with the Bike Month Challenge!

Make every ride count this May with the Bike Month Challenge

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Download the Love to Ride app and get involved

This May, join the movement to create safer, more bike-friendly streets with the Bike Month Challenge and #MakeEveryRideCount!

Download the app, track your rides and biking accomplishments, and provide feedback on your bike trips using the simple and fun Rate My Routes feature.

There are amazing prizes to be won and everyone is invited to take part - from regular riders to people who haven’t been on a bike in years (or ever)!

Let’s #MakeEveryRideCount!

How the Bike Month Challenge works

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Every ride earns points. More points = more chances to win prizes like £2,000! Encourage others to join in and earn up to 100 extra points.


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Ride anywhere, any time! Whether it’s to work, to the store, or a spin around the park, every ride paints a picture of what biking is like in your community.


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There’s fun competition for workplaces, schools and universities, too. Ride together to top the leaderboards and have a great time! 


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Download Love to Ride and use Rate My Routes to provide a comfort rating for sections of your ride! Your anonymous feedback can help create better bike infrastructure.




Download the app today and let's #MakeEveryRideCount

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Spread the word!

To help you rally other riders, we’ve created a Promo Pack filled with images, pre-written messages and social posts for you to download. Share your favorites on WhatsApp, Slack, Email, Teams, morse code, or carrier pigeon and see how many people you can get to join you.

View the full Promo Pack in Google Drive or directly download the elements you need below!

Social media posters and images

Social Media Posts and Images

Grab an image and a pre-written post (like the one below) from the folder linked below to make it super easy to spread the word on social media.

Bike rider = change maker! 💪

This Bike Month Challenge, #MakeEveryRideCount by downloading the Love to Ride app, enjoying a bike ride and providing your feedback on the streets and paths you ride on. 🚲 Your insight has the pedal power to make your community more bike friendly!

📱 Download the app now from the App Store and Google Play.


⬇ Access more pre-written posts


DIY frames and stickers preview

DIY Frames and Digital Stickers 

Spice up your own riding photos and social posts with some Bike Month Challenge flair. Use or your favorite photo editor to add a frame or sticker right on top!

⬇ Access the Google Drive folder


Poster preview


Print it out to hang in the office or share it in an email to help spread the word!

⬇ Download the PDF


Digital Screen Poster

Digital Screen Poster

Endless possibilities... use it as your desktop background, send it to a friend, ask your local leisure centre to display it, or share with your comms team at work!

⬇ Download the .png

Flyer preview


For when you want to share a bit more about the Bike Month Challenge! Print out this double-sided flyer and hand them out on your next group bike ride or staff meeting.

⬇ Download the PDF

Email signature preview

Email Signature Image

Set it and forget it! Now everyone you email will know that the Bike Month Challenge is coming.

⬇ Download the .png


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