Love to Ride has developed Ride Relief to help your employees stay active, healthy, and connected during this difficult time. 

Ride Relief is an encouragement program for companies to use to encourage and support their staff to ride at this time for improved physical and mental health, and to create community and connection.

We all need a little relief at the moment, and giving teams a fun way to stay connected is a great way to help them let off some steam. This program runs through to the end of the year and helps keep teams strong - emotionally and physically - so they can stay healthy and productive.


What do you get?

This package features a fresh campaign every month to help bring your together over a common and achievable goal. From logging ride and posting a photo, to taking part in a virtual bike adventure - we'll keep your staff engaged with simple messaging and exclusive prizes.

Monthly campaigns will include:

o A relevant topical theme

o Emails to users with tips on to riding safely, cycling gear, and more - all with social distancing in mind

o Promotional materials and internal email templates

o Exclusive prizes      

Your own cycling community

Joining Ride Relief gives you access to a workplace profile for all your staff, including support and information for all riders, whether they are new to riding, or already commute by bike. 

We collect ride data and display biking stats for your organization, breaking things down by office and department. You can even pull data reports to get deep into the nitty gritty of how people are riding at your organization.

Our Global Challenges 

Building a community is all well and good...but sometime you want to show off! And you can do that by taking part in our signature cycling challenges. 

By joining the Ride Relief program you automatically get access to our Cycle September workplace challenge and our Winter Wheelers winter riding promotion. During these events you'll get to compete against other organizations on local, national, and global leaderboards and will have the opportunity to win prizes.

Find out more about Cycle September

Event status

Now complete!


PSU Bike Challenge

  • 2 Organizations
  • 47 Participants
  • 2 New riders
  • 7,148 Miles
  • 381 Trips
  • 256 lbs CO2

PSU All time stats

  • 8 Organizations
  • 2,425 People
  • 601 New riders
  • 1,130,537 Miles
  • 166,709 Rides
  • 351,863 lbs CO2
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