The PSU Bike Challenge is happening May 1-31 and you're invited to take part! The Challenge is a fun, free team based competition. There are lots of fantastic prizes being offered to tempt you and your team get out and ride this May. Will your team beat the other University departments and teams to come out as champions!? 

How it works

Departments and schools compete against each other to see who can get the most students and staff to ride a bike and log their trips between May 1st-31st. For 2018 we are using a points model that ensures equal opportunities for teams to compete regardless of their size category. The points system has been carefully selected to ensure a fair and exciting competition, and to strongly encourage students and staff to engage new riders if they want to climb the leader board and secure victory!

Why take part?

Bicycling regularly has shown to provide a multitude of health benefits including:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved muscle strength and flexibility
  • Decreased body fat levels
  • Reduced anxiety and depression

More people riding bikes also means less cars on the road, which helps improve air quality and environmental health. Not to mention it's fun, free, and easy! And, you and your friends can win some great prizes!

Who can take part?

Anyone who studies or works at PSU is eligible for prizes. All you have to do is register and select your school/department to be automatically added to your team.

How do I register my school/department?

All academic and non-academic departments at Portland State University are automatically registered and added to the PSU Bike Challenge website. If you do not see your department listed, please email us to have it added.

Why are there different size categories?

Offices and departments will compete against those of a similar size for a fair chance of winning. There are six size categories:

  • 500+ staff/students
  • 200-499 staff/students
  • 50-199 staff/students
  • 20-49 staff/students
  • 7-19 staff/students
  • 3-6 staff/students

What counts as a bike ride?

A 10 minute ride on a pedal bike (including electric bikes).

Rides on motorcycles, scooters, or stationary cycles are not eligible.

How do I log a ride?

You can log a ride on this website from your profile page using the 'Add a Ride' tab.

You can also download the Love to Ride App for Android and iPhone and either log your ride manually or use your phone's GPS to track your route as you ride and log it for you!

We've also built in a sync with Strava, Ride Report, MapMyRide, and Endomondo, for those already using another app.

What if I don't want to log every ride?

Then Ride Report is the app for you! Ride Reports runs in the background of your phone so you never have to tell it when you're riding, and once you sync it with your profile here we'll get your data and update your stats automatically as you ride!

Why just 10 minutes?

You're welcome to ride for more than 10 minutes, most people do. However, 10 minutes is an achievable goal for someone who hasn't ridden a bike in years or for riders not accustomed to the rain. It's also just enough to leave a big smile on your face, which is exactly what we're trying to achieve.

I already bike regularly, why should I take part and record my ride?

We need your help to spread your love of cycling and enlist your friends and coworkers. Your experience can help those thinking about cycling take the all-important, first step.

By recording your rides, you are providing a critical record of bicycling behavior at Portland State which can be used to argue for and justify funding for improved cycling infrastructure, help improve planning decisions, and identify important areas of latent demand.

What is an encourager and how do I 'encourage' people?

The Challenge is all about getting more people to try bike riding. You can invite people to join the challenge from your profile page using the 'Invite friends' tab. There are virtual rides you can invite friends to join you on, either racing each other to the finish, or working as a team in a relay to propel you all along.

When you encourage a person to take part, (1) ask them to register - (2) when they log their first ride, they can put your name in when asked 'Who encouraged you to ride?'. We track this tally and the person who encourages the most people to take part in the challenge will win the "Top Encourager" prize!

Can I register other people on their behalf?

People need to register themselves on the website because they need to agree to terms and conditions. The exception to this is if someone has a disability and they need some assistance to complete the registration online. Also, individuals can register via an official hard copy registration form, which we can provide to you or your office.

What about cheating?

We have a sophisticated set of tools and systems in place to detect when anyone has submitted false information, particularly when they are registering false individuals in order to inflate their score and ranking in the Challenge. Anyone who is caught cheating is immediately disqualified from the entire Challenge. Be a good sport!

What are Challenge Champions?

They are the team leaders who will encourage fellow students and staff to register, ride, record their rides and motivate them to victory.

By default, the first rider to register under a given department is automatically selected as a Champion. If you do not wish to be a Champion or are currently not listed as your department's Champion and you would like to be, please email us.

How do I classify as a new rider?

When you register for the Challenge, you will tell us how often you have ridden in the last 12 months. Those who haven't ridden at all in the last 12 months are classified as 'new riders'.

How do I join a team?

Just visit your profile page, click 'settings' underneath your profile picture, then scroll down to where it says 'organization' and click 'add or join'. This will take you to a page where you can check a dropdown of all existing offices and departments, or add a new one if you don't see yours!

Bike access

I don't know how to ride a bike

Here at the PSU Bike Hub, we regularly host workshops and classes throughout the year to get more people confident and comfortable with cycling. You can learn riding tips, as well as basic service and maintenance skills. Learn more on our website.

I don't have a bike. Can I borrow one?

Stop by the PSU Bike Hub (1818 SW 6th Ave) to rent out one of our VikeBikes for just $20 for the rest of the Spring/Summer term (must be a PSU student).

BIKETOWN bikes are FREE for the month of May! - Email us @ to find out more

We also offer daily and weekly rentals to the general public and carry a large inventory of road-ready bicycles available for purchase. Check out our website for more info or you can always ask to borrow a bike from a friend or coworker!


How do I win a prize?

Ride a bike for 10 minutes for fun, exercise or to work during the Challenge period in May and be entered into a weekly prize drawing. Additional prizes will be available for individuals across a range of points categories.

Your department can also win a team prize if it earns the most points for riding, encouraging teammates to ride, and various other categories. Departments will compete against those of a similar size for a fair chance of winning.

Find out what you can win here!

How do I know if I've won a prize?

Weekly prize drawings will be announced each Friday in November. Winners will be notified via email and may arrange to pick up the prize from the Bike Hub at their convenience.

Additional team and individual awards will be announced and distributed at the end of the Challenge. All winners will also be listed on this website on the prizes page.

PSU Bike Challenge

December 1st - 25th

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