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Join us for the 2017 PSU Bike Challenge!

The PSU Bike Challenge is a month-long challenge designed to encourage both new and experienced riders to ride their bike as much as possible in the month of May.

There are a million reasons to participate. Health incentives? Check. Fabulous prizes? Check. Bragging rights? Check. You're going to want to get in on this.

Need a bike? Our rental VikeBikes are FREE for the month of May, and we have 50 free BikeTown passes to give away.


PSU Bike Challenge 2017

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 7 days!

Challenge Results - PSU

  • 2 Organizations
  • 615 Participants
  • 104 New riders
  • 65,246 Miles
  • 10,847 Trips

PSU Bike Challenge 2017 Registrations

  • 2 Organizations
  • 850 People

PSU All time stats

  • 2 Organizations
  • 1,476 People
  • 321 New riders
  • 255,110 Miles
  • 39,376 Rides