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Riding towards something bigger with Gen Less

For most of us, driving a petrol car is the biggest contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions – across the country, transport makes up around a fifth of all of our emissions.

So riding a bike instead of driving makes a real difference for the climate. 

Make your A to B Car Free 

We're encouraging more riders to make their A to B car-free throughout the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, because when you switch your car for handlebars you're taking climate-friendly action.   

You can now encourage your workplace to go car-free too with this car-free commuting toolkit.   

Make your A to B Car Free

The Gen Less Bike More O'Meter

Every car-free ride logged for ‘transport’ this February will also be tracked on our Gen Less Bike More O’Meter.  Join us as we work together to reach our goal of riding one million kilometres by bike instead of by car! Starting 1 February!  

Image of a mile tracking thermometer filling up

For more information on how you can take even more climate action, check out

Gen Less is a platform backed by EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) that brings together all New Zealanders to take action on climate change. 

New Zealand All time stats

  • 6,651 Workplaces
  • 105,511 People
  • 30,954 New riders
  • 113,784,725 Km
  • 6,068,558 Rides
  • 3,900,518 kg CO2
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