Here are some ideas on how to let your colleagues and staff know about the Aotearoa Bike Challenge:

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Talk to people

We recommend having a friendly, no-pressure chat one-on-one to figure out what particular barriers each person faces so that you can help them overcome them. Are they not confident or comfortable? Ride with them and share your knowledge! Do they not have a bike? Get them on bike share or lend them a bike! Do they not know where to ride? Show them your favourite easy riding route or trail! Remember, all they have to do is ride for at least 10 minutes for fun, exercise or to work during the month long Challenge period. 

Target regular cyclists

Who already rides? These are the first people to talk to about the Challenge and invite to register. The website is a great tool for them to record their cycling and set personal goals.

Work with your fellow regular riders - they'll help you get more people involved.

Announce at staff meetings

Take a laptop, show people the website, prizes, which businesses are competing and get them registered. The more people involved, the more fun it will be, and the better shot you all have at those prizes (and of course the bragging rights!).

Hold an event

Here are some ideas on getting your colleagues together:

  • Lunch time rides
  • "Try a bike" sessions - 10 minute rides around the car park or local park
  • Bike obstacle course
  • Friday social ride to a local bar/restaurant

Get your bosses on board

Ask them to register and help set an example - if they are taking part others will too!

Be prepared

Please review this checklist of things you can do to get a great result in the Challenge.

New Zealand All time stats

  • 5,008 Workplaces
  • 79,533 People
  • 23,107 New riders
  • 71,478,407 Kilometers
  • 3,974,454 Rides
  • 2,811,035 kg CO2
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