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It’s Spring, Ride Anywhere and Win!

This October we're bringing back a special 'lean' edition of the challenge, which takes place 16-29 October. No teams, just you - and your goals, badges, bragging rights, and prizes. It's the perfect chance to see if you can best your mark from February, set yourself a new challenge, or learn a new riding skill. Any ride you go on during 16-29 October counts!

Join the Aotearoa MINI Bike Challenge


Aotearoa Mini Bike Challenge

16 - 29 October 2017

Starts in 20 days!

Aotearoa Mini Bike Challenge Registrations

  • 1,829 People

New Zealand all time stats

  • 1,433 Organisations
  • 27,123 People
  • 7,777 New riders
  • 8,898,139 km
  • 526,488 Rides


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