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Way to Ride!

Ka mau te wehi tatou katoa!

23,766 people took part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge! Altogether you pedalled 3,999,778 kilometres and saved 211,291 kgs of CO2! 🚲 💚🌏

This isn’t the end - you can use the Love to Ride website to keep logging rides, tracking your progress and setting goals all year round. 

Keep an eye out for a short survey from us in a few weeks' time. We rely on your responses to help us keep doing the work we do!

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We reached our goal! Over 1 million kilometres have been ridden for transportation in this year’s Aotearoa Bike Challenge! Together we’ve taken action on climate change and saved over 180,000kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Find out more

1,000,000 kilometres down, 0 kilometres to go!


New Zealand All time stats

  • 5,866 Workplaces
  • 93,216 People
  • 27,489 New riders
  • 94,661,641 Km
  • 5,088,646 Rides
  • 3,367,934 kg CO2
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