Get ready to wrap up and ride with Winter Wheelers

This December (1 - 25), we’re on a mission to get more people riding through winter. Why? Riding a bike helps us:

💰 Save money on overall transportation costs

💪 Improve our physical and mental wellbeing

⚡️ Supercharge our immune system

🌳 Reduce our CO2 emissions

😃 Add endless smiles to our miles

To help get more riders conquering the cold, we’re holding a prize draw every day and all you have to do to enter is ride your bike. And that’s not all: if you encourage someone else to ride you will automatically enter our special encourager prize draw.


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Here’s all the essential information:


  • There will be a prize draw every day from 1 - 25 December
  • Each day you ride will enter you into the prize draw for that day
  • Every day that you ride is an additional entry into the grand prize draw on 25 December
  • If you encourage someone, you enter the encourager prize draw and the more people you encourage, the higher-value prize you can win
  • The first 200 people to encourage someone each week will automatically win a coffee (aka riding fuel!)

How can I take part?

1️⃣ Register for the challenge - making the commitment to ride means you're more likely to actually do it, plus we'll email you reminders to log your rides in December

2️⃣ Log your December rides on your profile before midnight each day (or connect your Strava to log your rides automatically)

3️⃣ Encourage others by heading to your profile, selecting ‘Invite Friends’, and copying the link. This is your unique link that you can share with others. Once someone clicks it and logs a ride for Winter Wheelers, you automatically become their encourager!

How can I get more people on their bikes?

To help you rally other riders, we’ve created a Promo Pack filled with images, pre-written messages and social posts. Share your favourites on WhatsApp, Slack, Email, Teams, morse code, or carrier pigeon and see how many people you can get to join you. 


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And if you’d like some help encouraging others, click here to read our top tips for encouraging

Let’s help more people to ride in a winter wonderland!

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Winter Wheelers 2022

1st - 25th December 2022

Starts tomorrow!

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